Allele Biotechnology

Allele Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a San Diego based company that develops technologies and products for biomedical researchers. Over the past decade, Allele has become a reliable source for superior fluorescent proteins, highly efficient Luciferase assay substrates and genotyping kits. Allele is a leader in the RNAi field with its recent patents in Pol III promoter-driven siRNA, shRNA and miRNA. Besides molecular biology Allele is also active in the fields of cell biology and immunology. On top of this Allele has become the expert on viral expression systems by the recent acquisition of Orbigen, Inc. They now offer Baculovirus protein expression and Phoenix retrovirus systems, as well as the Lentivirus and VSV systems.

Bio-Connect supplies all Allele Biotechnology products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

Major Product Lines:

  • Fluorescent Proteins
  • iPS Stem Cells
  • nAb - Nano Antibodies
  • Viral Expression Systems
  • Protein Analysis
  • Tissue Culture Cell Assays

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