JAM-B antibody

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Product specifications for - JAM-B antibody

Product group: Antibodies
Category: Primary Antibodies
Application: ImmunoHistoChemistry; ImmunoHistoChemistry Parrafin; Western Blot
Host: Rabbit
Target: JAM2
Target description: junctional adhesion molecule 2
Clonality: Polyclonal
Isotype: IgG
Datasheet: Datasheet
  Research Use Only
UNSPSC: 12352203
Concentration: 1 mg/ml
Storage instructions: Keep as concentrated solution. Aliquot and store at -20°C or below. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles.
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: Tight junctions represent one mode of cell-to-cell adhesion in epithelial or endothelial cell sheets, forming continuous seals around cells and serving as a physical barrier to prevent solutes and water from passing freely through the paracellular space. The protein encoded by this immunoglobulin superfamily gene member is localized in the tight junctions between high endothelial cells. It acts as an adhesive ligand for interacting with a variety of immune cell types and may play a role in lymphocyte homing to secondary lymphoid organs. [provided by RefSeq]
Gene ID: 58494
Swiss prot ID: P57087
Additional information: 
Synonyms: C21orf43; CD322; JAM-2; JAMB; JAM-B; JAM-IT/VE-JAM; Junctional adhesion molecule 2; junctional adhesion molecule B; PRO245; vascular endothelial junction-associated molecule; VEJAM; VE-JAM
"Adenoma-linked barrier defects and microbial products drive IL-23/IL-17-mediated tumour growth." Grivennikov SI et al., 2012 Nov 8, Nature Read more