Fluorogenic HDAC substrate 3

Catalog number: 50037
Brand: BPS Bioscience
Packing: 250 nmole
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Product specifications for - Fluorogenic HDAC substrate 3

Product group: Assays
Category: Substrates
Application note: Study enzyme kinetics, and screen small molecule HDAC inhibitors for drug discovery and HTS applications.
Datasheet: Datasheet
  Research Use Only
UNSPSC: 41116133
Form supplied: DMSO solution
Storage instructions: Stable at least 12 months from date of receipt, when stored as directed
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: A fluorogenic, acetylated peptide substrate for class I HDACs (HDACs 1, 2, and 3) and class 2b HDACs (HDACs 6 and 10). This substrate fluoresces at excitation 350-380 nm, emission at 440-460 nm. If autofluorescence of the inhibitor near this wavelength is an issue, we recommend using Fluorogenic HDAC substrate 2 (green), BPS catalog no. 50038. For class 2a HDACs (HDACs 4, 5, 7, and 9) or HDACs 8 and 11, we recommend no. 50040.
Additional information: 
Synonyms: 50037; BPS Bioscience