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At Atlas Antibodies they have a very clear mission: to provide researchers with advanced research reagents targeting all human proteins.

The Human Protein Atlas (HPA)-project released the first version of a complete tissue-based map of human protein expression using antibodies in November 2014. In close partnership with the HPA project, they continue to develop advanced antibodies.

Of the possible 20,000 protein coding genes in the human body they already have over 17,000 antibodies covering 15,000 gene products. Learn more in this short film about Atlas Antibodies.

In 2015, Bio-Connect has become a distributor of the Atlas Antibodies AB products in the Benelux. Use our search engine to find the product you are looking for. And if you can’t find it, contact our helpdesk.

  • Highly validated antibodies
  • Well-cited publications
  • Guarantee and explorer program
  • Unique non-overlapping epitopes/isotypes
  • Defined specificity
  • Premium performance
  • Carefully designed
  • Developed with Human Protein Atlas
  • 44 tissues/20 cancers IHC data
Primary Antibodies »»
PrecisA Monoclonals »»

Triple A Polyclonals »»

  • Blocking agent
  • Positive assay control
  • 50-150 amino acids
  • Mouse (PrecisA) monoclonals
  • Validated in ICC-IF, IHC and WB
  • Reference for protein localization
PrEST Antigens »»
Organelle Markers »»

Major Product Lines:

  • Triple A Polyclonals
  • PrecisA Monoclonals
  • Organelle Markers
  • PrEST Antigens

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