Atlas Antibodies in Breast Cancer Research

A wide range of Atlas antibodies are used by scientists working to understand breast cancer. On this page you will find a selection of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies directed towards protein targets interesting for breast cancer research.

Validation in breast samples

Atlas polyclonal antibodies are developed by the Human Protein Atlas project. The project aims at presenting an expression map of the complete human proteome. To acomplish this, highly specific antibodies are developed to all protein coding human genes, and protein profiling is established using tissue arrays. Atlas has named these antibodies Triple A Polyclonals.

Triple A Polyclonals have been used for immunohistochemical (IHC) staining of a large number of human tissue samples. For each antibody, IHC images are available from the following tissues and cell types:

• 48 different normal human tissues.
• 20 most common cancer types (up to 12 patients for each cancer type.)

Breast tissue and breast cancer tissue and cell lines:

• Normal breast samples from three different indivisuals.
• Breast tumor samples from up to 12 patients in duplicates.
• Metastatic breast adenocarcinoma cell lines MCF-7 and SK-BR-3.

Atlas Antibodies also provide in-house developed monoclonal antibodies, PrecisA Monoclonals, to selected targets using the same stringent manufacturing and validation processes, including literature confirmation.

p53 antibody

IHC staining of human colorectal cancer using PrecisA Monoclonal antibody Anti-p53 (AMAb90956) shows strong nuclear immunoreactivity in tumor cells. (left). Staining is also nuclear in human stomach cancer tissue (middle). Anti-p53 is recommended for Western Blot analysis, here shown in human cell line U-251 (right).​

KI-67 / MKI67 antibody

IHC staining of lymph node in human colon (left) shows strong nuclear and nucleolar immunoreactivity in the reaction centrum cells using the monoclonal Anti-MKI67 antibody (AMAb90870). In uterus (right), nuclear positivity in a subset of glandular cells is shown.

CD44 antibody

IHC staining of human esophagus tissue using Anti-CD44 antibody (HPA005785) shows strong cytoplasmic amd membranous positivity in aquamous epithelial cells (left). In Western Blot analysis, CD44 is detected in the human cell line U-251MG (middle). ICC-IF in the human cell line U-251MG shows positivity in plasma membrane (right).

EGFR antibody

IHC staining of human placenta using Anti-EGFR polyclonal antibody (HPA018530) shows strong positivity in trophoblastic cells (left). ICC-IF staining in human cell line A-431 shows positivity in plasma membrane (right).

HER2 / Erbb2 antibody

IHC staining of human breast tumor using monoclonal antibody Anti-Her2 (AMAb90627) shows strong membranous positivity in tumour cells in HER2-positive ductal carcinoma (left). HER2-negative ductal carcinoma shows no membranous positivity (middle). By Western Blot analysis, HER2 is detected in breast cancer cell line SK-BR-3 (right).

GATA3 antibody

IHC staining of human breast cancer samples from different patients using Anti-GATA3 polyclonal antibody (HPA029731) shows strong nuclear positivity in ductal carcinoma (left) and in lobular carcinoma (right).

Antibodies in breast cancer research

53BP1 AntibodyCASP8 AntibodyGRN AntibodyPIP Antibody
ACAT1 AntibodyCCNA2 AntibodyHIF1A AntibodyPKCA Antibody
ACOT13 AntibodyCCNE1 AntibodyHJURP AntibodyPLAT Antibody
AGR2 AntibodyCD44 AntibodyHMGCL AntibodyPOLRMT Antibody
ANAPC15 AntibodyCD82 AntibodyHMGCR AntibodyPSPH Antibody
ANLN AntibodyCDH1 AntibodyHSD17B14 AntibodyPTMA Antibody
ARG1 AntibodyCEACAM5 AntibodyHSP90B1 AntibodyPTRH2 Antibody
ARHGEF2 AntibodyCHEK2 AntibodyKHDRBS3 AntibodyPTTG1 Antibody
ASAH1 AntibodyCKB AntibodyKIAA1967 AntibodyRBM3 Antibody
ATR AntibodyCRABP2 AntibodyKLK3 AntibodyREST Antibody
BACH1 AntibodyCTNNB1 AntibodyKRT14 AntibodyRRBP1 Antibody
BAP1 AntibodyCTNND1 AntibodyKRT17 AntibodySIX1 Antibody
BARD1 AntibodyDACH2 AntibodyLSP1 AntibodySLC4A7 Antibody
BIRC3 AntibodyDCAF7 AntibodyMMP2 AntibodySNCG Antibody
BIRC5 AntibodyDCN AntibodyMUC1 AntibodySTK11 Antibody
BLM AntibodyDIRAS3 AntibodyNBN AntibodyTFF1 Antibody
Bmi1 AntibodyEGFR AntibodyNCOA3 AntibodyTHBD Antibody
BRAT1 AntibodyERLIN2 AntibodyNR1I3 AntibodyTNC Antibody
BRCA1 AntibodyFAAH AntibodyNRP1 AntibodyTOP2A Antibody
BRCA2 AntibodyFGFR2 AntibodyOSM AntibodyUGT8 Antibody
BRIP1 AntibodyGATA3 AntibodyP53 AntibodyUIMC1 Antibody
C1orf64 AntibodyGGH AntibodyPGD AntibodyULBP1 Antibody
CA12 AntibodyGJB1 AntibodyPHGDH AntibodyZNF703 Antibody

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