Atlas Antibodies in Neuroscience

The Atlas Antibodies product catalog features a wide range of neuroscience antibodies, validated in neuro tissues and cell lines. Atlas Antibodies present their neuroscience antibodies divided in five panels; signaling, neural lineage markers, developmental processes/aging and neurodegenerative disorders.

Antibodies against proteins involved in signaling

ATF2 AntibodyGAD1 AntibodyKIF7 AntibodySNAP25 Antibody
ATF3 AntibodyGAD2 AntibodyKIFAP3 AntibodySNAP29 Antibody
ATP1B1 AntibodyGAT1 AntibodyKV3.2 AntibodySST Antibody
ATP1B2 AntibodyGAT3 AntibodyMAPK1 AntibodySTXBP1 Antibody
CAMK2B AntibodyGLUR2 AntibodyMAPK3 AntibodySTXBP5 Antibody
CAMK2D AntibodyHTR2A AntibodyMGLUR1 AntibodySTXBP6 Antibody
C-FOS AntibodyKCC2 AntibodyMGLUR7 AntibodySYNGR1 Antibody
CHAT AntibodyKCC4 AntibodyMGLUR8 AntibodySYNPR Antibody
CHRM1 AntibodyKCNJ5 AntibodyNCS1 AntibodySYP Antibody
CHRM2 AntibodyKCNN2 AntibodyPKCA AntibodySYT1 Antibody
CHRNA7 AntibodyKIF11 AntibodyPKCL AntibodySYT12 Antibody
CLIC4 AntibodyKIF17 AntibodyPNMT AntibodySYT13 Antibody
CREB1 AntibodyKIF18A AntibodyPRKACB AntibodySYT14 Antibody
DAT AntibodyKIF1A AntibodyPRKCZ AntibodySYT16 Antibody
DDC AntibodyKIF1C AntibodyRAB3A AntibodyTGFA Antibody
EAAC1 AntibodyKIF21B AntibodyRAP1GAP AntibodyTPH2 Antibody
EAAT2 AntibodyKIF26B AntibodyRAP1GAP2 AntibodyVAMP4 Antibody
GABRA3 AntibodyKIF4A AntibodySLC17A6 AntibodyVAMP7 Antibody
GABRB1 AntibodyKIF5A AntibodySLC22A2 Antibody
GABRG1 AntibodyKIF5C AntibodySLC32A1 Antibody

Antibodies as neural lineage markers

ACTN1 AntibodyGFAP AntibodyMBP AntibodyNEFM Antibody
ACTN4 AntibodyGLUL AntibodyMCAM AntibodyNLGN1 Antibody
AIF1 AntibodyICAM5 AntibodyMKI67 AntibodyPBK Antibody
CALB1 AntibodyINA AntibodyMOG AntibodyPTPRC Antibody
CALB2 AntibodyITGAM AntibodyMYO5A AntibodyRBFOX3 Antibody
CD68 AntibodyMAP1A AntibodyNCAM2 AntibodyS100A8 Antibody
CNP AntibodyMAP1B AntibodyNECAB1 AntibodyS100B Antibody
EZR AntibodyMAP2 AntibodyNECAB2 AntibodySCGN Antibody

Antibodies against proteins involved in aging and neurodegenerative disorders

ADAR AntibodyATXN2 AntibodyITGAM AntibodyRHOT1 Antibody
AIMP1 AntibodyC3 AntibodyITM2B AntibodyS100A8 Antibody
AOX1 AntibodyCASP3 AntibodyLRP1 AntibodySERPINA3 Antibody
APBA1 AntibodyCOX1 AntibodyLRP2 AntibodySNCB Antibody
APBA3 AntibodyCOX2 AntibodyMSR1 AntibodySOD1 Antibody
APBB2 AntibodyCTSB AntibodyNFKB1 AntibodySOD2 Antibody
APBB3 AntibodyCTSD AntibodyOPTN AntibodyTHY1 Antibody
APP AntibodyCXorf27 AntibodyPADI4 AntibodyTNFRSF21 Antibody
AQP4 AntibodyFBXO7 AntibodyPARK7 AntibodyUBE2K Antibody
ATF2 AntibodyGSK3B AntibodyPHGDH AntibodyUCHL1 Antibody
ATF3 AntibodyHIP1 AntibodyPRNP AntibodyWHSC1 Antibody
ATXN1 AntibodyHTRA2 AntibodyPSEN1 AntibodyVWF Antibody

Antibodies against proteins involved in developmental processes

BMP3 AntibodyMKI67 AntibodyRUNX1 AntibodySOX30 Antibody
ENG AntibodyNACC1 AntibodyRUNX2 AntibodyTHY1 Antibody
FABP7 AntibodyNES AntibodySATB2 AntibodyTSPAN7 Antibody
FLT1 AntibodyNKX2-2 AntibodySOX4 AntibodyVIM Antibody
GAP43 AntibodyPAX6 AntibodySOX6 Antibody
GLI3 AntibodyPBK AntibodySOX7 Antibody
MEF2C AntibodyREST AntibodySOX11 Antibody

Antibodies successfully used in rodent material

ACAA1 AntibodyECH1 AntibodyMTA2 AntibodySH3GL2 Antibody
ACO2 AntibodyEFCAB13 AntibodyNAGA AntibodySMAD4 Antibody
ACSS2 AntibodyEFCAB6 AntibodyNCDN AntibodySMARCC1 Antibody
AIP AntibodyEFHC2 AntibodyNDRG2 AntibodySMARCD1 Antibody
AIRE AntibodyEIF1AY AntibodyNDUFS4 AntibodySNAP25 Antibody
ALDOC AntibodyELFN2 AntibodyNDUFV2 AntibodySNCB Antibody
AMPH AntibodyERLIN2 AntibodyNECAB1 AntibodySOD2 Antibody
APOOL AntibodyFAM110B AntibodyNECAB2 AntibodySSBP1 Antibody
ARG1 AntibodyFAM117B AntibodyNEFM AntibodySST Antibody
ARHGAP1 AntibodyFAM213B AntibodyNFATC2 AntibodySTAT1 Antibody
ARMCX3 AntibodyFLOT1 AntibodyNMT2 AntibodySTAT5A Antibody
ATF3 AntibodyFRMD6 AntibodyNUCB1 AntibodySUGP1 Antibody
B3GNT6 AntibodyGABRA3 AntibodyOGFOD1 AntibodySYAP1 Antibody
BCAN AntibodyGALT AntibodyOLIG3 AntibodySYNJ2BP Antibody
BIRC3 AntibodyGAP43 AntibodyPABPC5 AntibodySYP Antibody
C17orf75 AntibodyGMFB AntibodyPAK1 AntibodyTBC1D7 Antibody
CA8 AntibodyGOLGA5 AntibodyPARK7 AntibodyTF Antibody
CADM3 AntibodyGSTA3 AntibodyPBK AntibodyTFAP2B Antibody
CALB2 AntibodyHCRTR1 AntibodyPCMT1 AntibodyTFAP2D Antibody
CAMK2B AntibodyHOXC11 AntibodyPDCD4 AntibodyTFE3 Antibody
CANT1 AntibodyHSPA2 AntibodyPFKM AntibodyTSPAN7 Antibody
CAPNS1 AntibodyHSPA9 AntibodyPGRMC1 AntibodyTST Antibody
CCAR1 AntibodyHSPD1 AntibodyPOU3F4 AntibodyTXLNG Antibody
CCDC50 AntibodyINA AntibodyPRELID1 AntibodyUBAC1 Antibody
CCT2 AntibodyIRF4 AntibodyPRKCA AntibodyUBTF Antibody
CHDH AntibodyIRF8 AntibodyPSMC3 AntibodyUCHL1 Antibody
CNOT4 AntibodyKCNIP4 AntibodyPSMD14 AntibodyUCKL1 Antibody
CNP AntibodyKIF5A AntibodyPTPRZ1 AntibodyUPF3B Antibody
CREBZF AntibodyKLF5 AntibodyRAB7A AntibodyUQCRC1 Antibody
CRNN AntibodyKRT17 AntibodyRAP1GAP AntibodyYWHAE Antibody
CSDE1 AntibodyLRPAP1 AntibodyRPL9 AntibodyZBTB2 Antibody
CSNK2B AntibodyLRRC7 AntibodyS100A1 AntibodyZBTB33 Antibody
CXADR AntibodyMAFB AntibodyS100A6 AntibodyZNF275 Antibody
DDX3X AntibodyMAP2 AntibodyS100B AntibodyZNF3 Antibody
DHRS1 AntibodyMAP3K9 AntibodyS100P AntibodyZNF341 Antibody
DLC1 AntibodyMARS AntibodySART1 Antibody
DNAJC30 AntibodyMPST AntibodySAYSD1 Antibody
DPYSL2 AntibodyMSX2 AntibodySCGN Antibody

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