AUM BioTech

AUM BioTech is an American based biotechnology company that offers next-generation genetic research tools in the area of gene silencing and regulation. AUM's products are globally being used by biomedical scientists and researchers working on basic, transitional and pre-clinical research.

AUM offers solutions for biomedical research, including gene screening, target validation, and loss-of-function studies. AUM's next generation FANA Antisense Oligonucleotide (FANA ASO) Technology provides robust alternatives to CRISPR, siRNA and shRNA approaches. FANA ASOs can be used to silence or regulate RNA modalities such as – mRNA, miRNA and long non-coding RNA. FANA oligos are self-deliverable and do not require any transfection reagents or delivery agents. FANA ASOs work robustly in hard to transfect cells and models.
  • Self-delivering gene knockdown. No transfection reagents needed.
  • Robust knockdown in hard-to-transfect cells and primary immune and neuronal cells
  • Single step RNA silencing. Gene knockdown within three days.
Bio-Connect supplies all the AUM BioTech products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

Major product lines

  • AUMsilence for mRNA knockdown
  • AUMantagomir for miRNA inhibition
  • AUMmimic for miRNA activity upregulation
  • AUMlnc for lncRNA knockdown

AUM's best-selling products

Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
AUM-SIL-A-10AUMsilence for mRNA Knockdown, Basic Purification10 nmoles
AUM-SIL-A-25AUMsilence for mRNA Knockdown, Basic Purification25 nmoles
AUM-SIL-B-25AUMsilence for mRNA Knockdown, HPLC Purification25 nmoles
AUM-ANT-A-10AUMantagomir for miRNA inhibition, Basic Purification10 nmoles
AUM-ANT-A-25AUMantagomir for miRNA inhibition, Basic Purification25 nmoles
AUM-LNC-A-10AUMlnc for lncRNA inhibition, Basic Purification10 nmoles
AUM-LNC-A-25AUMlnc for lncRNA inhibition, Basic Purification25 nmoles

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Product groups

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