(Cell) Culture

Bio-Connect offers a unique range of human and animal primary cells, stem cells and blood cells, optimized cell culture media, as well as cancer cell culture products for culturing human malignant cells. Within this product group you can also find microbial detection and elimination products, growth supplements like FBS, cell culture kits, 3D cell culture matrices and media, but also bacteria growth media and supplements.

Within the (cell) culture product group you will find many categories you can select to find the product you need quickly. Click on one of the categories for an overview of our products.

Bacteria growth media / supplements
Cell culture kits
Cell dissociation
Cell lines
Cell pellets
Primary cells
Stem / blood cells

Below you can find some of the suppliers that we represent which have products in this product group.

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  • Defined and xeno-free laminin-based cell culture matrices
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  • iPSC-derived cells
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Cell Guidance Systems

  • Embryonic media
  • DMEM and neurobasal media
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  • ciPTEC 14.4 primary cells
  • ciPTEC OAT 1
  • ciPTEC OAT 3
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  • Human and animal primary cells
  • Primary cells growth medium
  • Primary cells 3D differentiation media
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  • Stem cells and media
  • Cancer stem cell tumor growth matrix
  • Cancer stem cell patient derived Xenografts
  • 3D culture systems
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Cosmo Bio

  • 3D cell culture matrices
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
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Life Science Group

  • Foetal bovine serum
  • Human AB serum
  • Human platelet lysate
  • Chick embryo extract
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  • iPS Cell generation
  • Human iPS/ES cell culture
  • Human iPS/ES cell characterization
  • Human iPS/ES cell differentiation
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MP Biomedicals (Life Sciences)

  • Mammalian cells media
  • Bacteria growth media
  • Yeast growth media
  • Plant and insect media
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  • Human primary cells and media
  • Human stem and blood cells and media
  • Detach reagents
  • Mycoplasma kits and elimination solutions
  • Cancer culture/tumorsphere media
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  • Stem cell technologies (Stemgent)
  • 3D cell bio-engineered tissue models (Reinnervate/Alvetex)
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SERVA Electrophoresis

  • Bacteria and yeast media
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  • iPS cell culture and differentiation
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