Cell Guidance Systems

Cell Guidance Systems' reagents and services enable control, manipulation and monitoring of the cell, both in-vitro and in-vivo.

Cell Guidance Systems develops therapeutic products as well as medical research tools and technologies that expand the possibilities of life science research and medicine. They work closely with many researchers from around the world to develop truly innovative products that address unmet medical and research needs. Many of their products are groundbreaking: For example, PODS™ is overcoming stability issues of many proteins, offering new possibilities in research and hope for new therapies, and ETS-embryo medium enables the production of "artificial embryos" from stem cells.

The Exo-spin™ mini-HD column from Cell Guidance Systems is the ideal choice for purifying high-quality exosomes from intermediate volumes.

Bio-Connect supplies all Cell Guidance Systems products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

Major product lines

  • Microvesicle research - products to purify, track, assay and measure exosomes
  • Pluripro® media - for human pluripotent cell maintenance
  • IVC medium - for maintaining blastocysts
  • ETS-Embryo medium - for the establishment of "artificial" embryos
  • Growth factors - with over 200 to choose from including many that are animal-free
  • PODS® - a depot technology which expands the flexibility and utility of proteins, such as growth factors
  • Small molecules - a targeted offering for stem cell research
  • Matrigen Softwell® products - reliable, defined surface elasticity for 2D cell culture
  • Matrix proteins - rigorously controlled for quality and functionally tested for optimal performance in cell culture
  • SINEUP™ - a unique technology that increases protein levels by increasing efficiency of translation

Video on how to use the exosome isolation column Exo-spin mini-HD

Cell Guidance Systems best-selling products

Cat. No.Description
EX01Exo-spin standard
EX02Exo-spin blood
EX04Exo-spin midi columns
EX06Exo-spin Buffer
EX101TRIFic CD9 Exosome Assay
GFH146FGF-2 (154)
GFH25CD40 Ligand
GFH6Activin A
K01Karyotype service from fixed human cells
K02Karyotype service from live human cells, BSL1
SM02Y-27632 [146986-50-7]
SM13CHIR99021 [252917-06-9]
SM33SB431542 [301836-41-9]
SM36Trichostatin A [58880-19-6]
SM85Reversine [656820-32-5]

For more information, please visit: www.cellgs.com