Cygnus Technologies

Cygnus Technologies, part of Maravai LifeSciences, is the biopharmaceutical industry’s partner in host cell protein (HCP) and other process-related impurity detection and analytics as well as in innovative viral clearance solutions. Cygnus helps companies developing therapeutic proteins, vaccines, antibodies, plasma derivatives and gene therapies to ensure the safety of biotherapeutics prior to human trials, regulatory approval and commercial release.

Bio-Connect is the distributor of Cygnus Technologies in the Benelux. If you have any questions about a product, please contact our helpdesk.

Major product lines

  • Mammalian cell line HCPs
    CHO • BHK • A549 • HEK 293 • MRC5 • NS/0 • SP2/0 • PER.C6® • Vero cell • HeLa • MDCK• CAP®
  • Bacterial HCPs
    E. coli • L. lactis • P. fluorescens • S. aureus • S. pyogenes
  • Yeast HCPs
    P. pastoris • S. cerevisiae
  • Plant & animal transgenics
    - Bovine plasma proteins
    - Goat milk proteins
  • Host cell DNA detection
    CHO • E. coli • NS/0 • Human • DNA extraction kits
  • Bioprocess impurities
    Endonuclease • BSA • HSA • Insulin • Other bovine plasma proteins • Protein A leachate assays
  • Custom services
    - Antibody affinity extraction (AAE)
    - Antibody coverage analysis
    - Comprehensive assay qualification protocols
    - Mass spectrometry
    - Polyclonal antibody generation
    - Process specific assay development
    - 2D PAGE

Cygnus Technologies news

Reduction of bioprocess impurities to the lowest levels practical requires sensitive and robust analytical methods. Cygnus offers a full menu of ELISA kits and orthogonal testing services for all current host cell expression systems and purification process leachates, such as Protein A.

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