Cytoskeleton offers a wide range of kits and products for drug screening, signal transduction and cytoskeletal research. They are specialized in the production of purified proteins and easy-to-use kits to study biochemical and cellular processes. Their kits are either made for smaller number of samples for use in basic research or small screens (Biochem Kits™) or in a high throughput scale for large screens (CytoDYNAMIX Screens™).

In addition to Cytoskeleton existing products, they also provide drug screening services for microtubules, tubulin, motor proteins, small G-protein effectors, GAPs, GEFs and several other proteins in their product line.

All the Cytoskeleton products are available through Bio-Connect. Please contact our helpdesk if you have any questions.

Major Product Lines:

  • Actin Research Tools
  • Antibodies
  • Custom Services
  • ECM Proteins
  • GOBlot™ Western Blot Processor
  • Live Cell Imaging Reagents
  • Signal Seeker Kits and Proteins
  • Small GTPase Activation Assays
  • Tubulin and FtsZ Tools
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