DNA / RNA / Vectors

Within this product group we offer cDNA, genomic DNA, total RNA and mRNA extracted from a variety of human adult and foetal (diseased) tissues, as well as tissues from other species. Further more, you will find plasmid/vectors, miRNA, RNAi, shRNA and siRNA products.

Within the DNA / RNA / vectors group you will find many categories you can select to find the product you need quickly. Click on one of the categories for an overview of our products.

Genomic DNA
Plasmid / vector

Below you can find some of the suppliers that we represent which have products in this product group.

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Aviva Systems Biology

  • Human cDNA
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  • Total RNA and mRNA
  • cDNA and genomic DNA
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  • siRNA
  • Genes/cDNA clones
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  • psiRNA vectors
  • CpG free plasmids
  • DNA vaccine plasmids
  • Expression vectors
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  • cDNA clones
  • siRNA
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Santa Cruz Biotechnology

  • siRNA plasmids and lentivirus
  • shRNA plasmids and lentivirus
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Sino Biological

  • cDNA ORF clones different species
  • Expression-ready tag cDNA clones
  • Lentiviral ORF clones/plasmids
  • Virus cDNA clones
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