ExactaCruz™ Pipettors

Pipettors: multi and single channel, fixed and adjustable

Santa Cruz Biotechnology offers a variety of pipettors. Products include autoclavable single channel pipettors, single channel pipettors, electronic single and multi-channel pipettors and adjustable multi-channel pipettors. Their pipettors are lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce physical stress and discomfort, suitable for general purpose of sampling and dispensing of liquids. These pipettors are easy to calibrate and maintain. Pipettor accessories also available.

Available pipettors from Santa Cruz Biotechnology

Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
sc-200223ExactaCruz™ Multi-Channel Pipettor, Eight, Adjust, 0.5-10 μl1 ea
sc-200224ExactaCruz™ Multi-Channel Pipettor, Eight, Adjust, 5-50 μl1 ea
sc-200225ExactaCruz™ Multi-Channel Pipettor, Eight, Adjust, 50-300 μl1 ea
sc-200226ExactaCruz™ Multi-Channel Pipettor, Twelve, Adjust, 0.5-10 µl1 ea
sc-200227ExactaCruz™ Multi-Channel Pipettor, Twelve, Adjust, 5-50 μl1 ea
sc-200228ExactaCruz™ Multi-Channel Pipettor, Twelve, Adjust, 50-300 μl1 ea
sc-200229ExactaCruz™ Single Channel Pipettor, Adjust, 0.1-2.5 μl1 ea
sc-200230ExactaCruz™ Single Channel Pipettor, Adjust, 0.5-10 μl1 ea
sc-200231ExactaCruz™ Single Channel Pipettor, Adjust, 10-100 µl1 ea
sc-200232ExactaCruz™ Single Channel Pipettor, Adjust, 100-1000 μl1 ea
sc-200234ExactaCruz™ Single Channel Pipettor, Adjust, 2-20 μl1 ea
sc-200235ExactaCruz™ Single Channel Pipettor, Adjust, 20-200 µl1 ea
sc-200236ExactaCruz™ Single Channel Pipettor, Adjust, 5-50 μl1 ea
sc-201627ExactaCruz™ Linear Pipet Stand, 5 place1 ea
sc-358869ExactaCruz™ Autoclavable Single Channel Pipettor, 0.5 - 10 µl1 ea
sc-358870ExactaCruz™ Autoclavable Single Channel Pipettor, 2 - 20 µl1 ea
sc-358871ExactaCruz™ Autoclavable Single Channel Pipettor, 10 - 100 µl1 ea
sc-358872ExactaCruz™ Autoclavable Single Channel Pipettor, 20 - 200 µl1 ea
sc-358873ExactaCruz™ Autoclavable Single Channel Pipettor, 100-1000 µl1 ea
sc-360989ExactaCruz™ Electronic Single-Channel Pipettor, 50-1000 µl Basic Pkg1 ea
sc-360990ExactaCruz™ Electronic Twelve-Channel Pipettor, 0.5-10 µl Basic Pkg1 ea
sc-360991ExactaCruz™ Electronic Twelve-Channel Pipettor, 40-350 µl Basic Pkg1 ea
sc-361922ExactaCruz™ Electronic Pipette 4.8V Spare Battery1 ea
sc-361923ExactaCruz™ Electronic Twelve-Channel Pipettor, 40-350 µl1 ea
sc-361924ExactaCruz™ Electronic Twelve-Channel Pipettor, 0.5-10 µl1 ea
sc-361925ExactaCruz™ Electronic Single-Channel Pipettor, 50-1000 µl1 ea
sc-362039ExactaCruz™ Electronic Pipette replacement cord for charging stand, A plug1 ea
sc-362040ExactaCruz™ Electronic Pipette replacement cord for charging stand, C plug1 ea

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