Recombinant viruses are excellent tools to introduce genetic material into cells. Bio-Connect offers different viral expression systems (lentiviral, retroviral, adenoviral, and adeno-associated viral) with a variety of tools to improve your viral expression studies, including viral packaging systems, cell lines, premade controls, virus concentration, purification, titer/quantitation kits and transduction reagents.

Within the expression product group you will find three categories you can select to find the product you need quickly. Click on one of the categories for an overview of our products.

Eukaryotic / Lexsy

Below you can find some of the suppliers that we represent which have products in this product group.

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Cell Biolabs

  • Adeno-associated virus expression
  • Adenoviral expression
  • Lentiviral expression
  • Retroviral expression
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Jena Bioscience

  • LEXSY eukaryotic protein expression
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