FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals

FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals Europe GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation, a global supplier of high purity chemicals and reagents based in Japan. Their German office was established almost 50 years ago to satisfy growing demand from Europe, Middle East and Africa.
From there, they supply customers with more than 35.000 high quality products, with applications in virtually all fields of chemical and life science research. They are combining the flexibility of a small company with the empowerment of a well-known FUJIFILM network and transfer the Japanese cultural purism into product purity.

Bio-Connect supplies FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals products in the Benelux. You can find the products on our webshop. If you still unable to find your product please contact our helpdesk.

Major product lines

  • Life Science
    - Antibodies
    - ELISA kits
    - Biochemistry reagents
    - Cell culture/microbiology
    - Toxins
  • Chemistry
    - Analytical chemistry
    - Synthetic chemistry
  • Quality control
    - Endotoxin/pyrogen dection systems
    - Nucleic acid extraction systems

FUJIFILM Wako best-sellers

Cat. No.Description
233-63991ADRA Kit
011-27991Anti Iba1, Goat (for Immunocytochemistry) 100 µl
019-19741Anti Iba1, Rabbit (for Immunocytochemistry), 50 µl
302-14681BAMBANKER™, 120 ml
295-50201DNA Extractor® Kit, 50 Tests
290-82001High Moelcular Amyloid β -Oligomer ELISA Kit
296-63801LabAssay™ Phospholipid
290-63701LabAssay™ Triglyceride
125-05061Lysyl Endopeptidase, Mass Spectrometry Grade, 20ug x5
124-06871Lysyl Endopeptidase®, recombinant, Biopharmaceutical Analysis Grade (rLys-C)
293-77601MagCapture™ Exosome Isolation Kit PS
638-04309Mouse Albumin ELISA kit
631-02699Mouse Anti-dsDNA ELISA Kit
304-93521Phos-tag™ Acrylamide AAL-107, 10 mg
300-93523Phos-tag™ Acrylamide AAL-107, 2 mg
298-80601PS Capture™ Exosome ELISA Kit (Streptavidin HRP)
635-04319Rat Albumin ELISA kit
296-81001SLP-HS Single Reagent Set II 20 Tests
257-00614Y-27632, MF 25mg

FUJIFILM Wako Shibayagi ELISA kits

Cat. No.Description
635-07099Bovine Albumin ELISA kit
637-01459Dog Insulin ELISA Kit
637-10641Human Apo B-48 ELISA Kit
636-13759KLH(TDAR) Rat-IgG ELISA Kit
633-13769KLH(TDAR) Rat-IgM ELISA Kit
638-04309Mouse Albumin ELISA kit
631-02699Mouse Anti-dsDNA ELISA Kit
635-07239Mouse C-peptide ELISA kit (U-type)
633-02899Mouse IgE ELISA Kit
634-10379Mouse Insulin ELISA Kit(H-type)
633-23919Mouse Insulin ELISA Kit(RTU)
638-01489Mouse Insulin ELISA Kit(T-type)
633-07659Mouse OVA-IgE ELISA Kit
630-07669Mouse OVA-IgG1 ELISA Kit
632-25569Mouse Urinary Albumin Assay Kit(S-type)TIA
634-01469Pig Insulin ELISA Kit
622-04909Rabbit ApoB-48 ELISA Kit
635-04319Rat Albumin ELISA kit
633-07279Rat C-peptide ELISA kit (U-type)
637-10629Rat Insulin ELISA Kit(H-type)
630-24149Rat Insulin ELISA Kit(RTU)
631-01479Rat Insulin ELISA Kit(T-type)
638-25309Rat Urinariy Albumin Assay Kit(S-type)TIA

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