Functional Antibodies

Blocking, neutralizing, activation and depletion

Antibodies are highly specific, naturally evolved molecules that recognize and eliminate pathogenic and disease antigens. The typical antibody consists of two antigen-binding fragments (Fabs), which are linked via a flexible region (the hinge) to a constant Fc region. This structure comprises two pairs of polypeptide chains, each pair containing a heavy and a light chain of different sizes. The Fc portion of the Ig serves to bind various effector molecules of the immune system, as well as molecules that determine the biodistribution of the antibody.

Antibodies are produced by: a) Injecting an antigen into mammals (mouse, rat, rabbit, goat, etc). Blood isolated from these animals contains polyclonal antibodies (multiple antibodies that bind to different epitopes of the same antigen), which are purified. b) Hybridoma technology generating monoclonal antibodies (epitope specific). Specific antibody-secreting lymphocytes are isolated from animals and immortalized by fusing them with a cancer cell line.

Monoclonal antibodies are routinely used in biochemistry, molecular biology, medical research and as therapeutic agents. Important advances have been made over the past decade to improve the specificity and efficacy of such antibodies by new engineering technologies, including recombinant antibody technology, such as antibody phage display (see page 7 for more information).

Functional grade antibodies (FuncAbs™):

Antibodies displaying an agonist or antagonist activity (functional grade antibodies (FuncAbs™)) are powerful tools for mimicking or blocking physiological functions in vitro and in vivo. Functional grade antibodies are available free of preservatives and tested for low endotoxin content and may be used for activation, neutralizing or blocking studies, both in vitro or in vivo.

General Antibody Schematic

Blocking/Neutralizing antibodies [FuncAbs™]

Cat. No.DescriptionAmountBrand
AG-27B-0001-C100anti-APRIL (mouse), mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Apry-1-1)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-27B-0001PF-C100anti-APRIL (mouse), mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Apry-1-1) (preservative free)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-27B-0001B-C100anti-APRIL (mouse), mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Apry-1-1) (Biotin)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-27B-0015-C100anti-Angiopoietin-2 (human), mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Angy-1-4)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-27B-0015PFanti-Angiopoietin-2 (human), mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Angy-1-4) (preservative free)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-27B-0016-C100anti-Angiopoietin-2, mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Angy-2-1)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-27B-0016PFanti-Angiopoietin-2, mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Angy-2-1) (preservative free)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-27B-0013-C100anti-IL-33 (mouse), mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Bondy-1-1)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-27B-0013PFanti-IL-33 (mouse), mAb (rec.) (blocking) (Bondy-1-1) (preservative free)100 ugAdipoGen
ANC-147anti-CD4 (human), mAb (QS4120)100 ugAncell
ANC-158anti-CD11a (human), mAb (38)100 ugAncell
ANC-159anti-CD11b (human), mAb (ICRF44)100 ugAncell
ANC-165anti-CD16 (human), mAb (3G8)100 ugAncell
ANC-167anti-CD18 (human), mAb (IB4)100 ugAncell
ANC-170anti-CD21 (human), mAb (BU33)100 ugAncell
ANC-180anti-CD31 (human), mAb (158-2B3)100 ugAncell
ANC-181anti-CD32 (human), mAb (7.3)100 ugAncell
ANC-353anti-CD40L [CD154] (human), mAb (24-31)100 ugAncell
ANC-352anti-CD44 (human), mAb (BU75)100 ugAncell
ANC-200anti-CD49d (human), mAb (BU49)100 ugAncell
ANC-201anti-CD50 (human), mAb (186-2G9)100 ugAncell
ANC-205anti-CD54 [ICAM-1] (D1) (human), mAb (15.2)100 ugAncell
ANC-206anti-CD54 [ICAM-1] (D2) (human), mAb (8.4A6)100 ugAncell
ANC-210anti-CD58 [LFA-3] (human), mAb (TS2)100 ugAncell
ANC-216anti-CD64 (human), mAb (10.1)100 ugAncell
ANC-222anti-CD70 (human), mAb (BU69)100 ugAncell
ANC-240anti-CD62E (human), mAb (HAE-1f)100 ugAncell
ANC-261anti-CD62L (human), mAb (LAM1-116)100 ugAncell
ANC-110anti-CD80 [B7-1] (human), mAb (P1.H1.A1.A1)100 ugAncell
ANC-307anti-CD86 (human), mAb (BU63)100 ugAncell
ANC-315anti-CD94 (human), mAb (HP-3D9)100 ugAncell
ANC-325anti-CD104 (human), mAb (UMA9)100 ugAncell
ANC-327anti-CD106 (human), mAb (1.G11B1)100 ugAncell
ANC-343anti-CD122 (human), mAb (9A2)100 ugAncell
ANC-360anti-CD137 (human), mAb (4B4-1)100 ugAncell
ANC-376anti-CD147 (human), mAb (UM-8D6)100 ugAncell
ANC-359anti-CD152 (human), mAb (ANC152.2/8H5)100 ugAncell
ANC-392anti-CD165 (human), mAb (AD2)100 ugAncell
ANC-393anti-CD166 (human), mAb (3A6)100 ugAncell
ANC-400anti-CD252 [OX40L] (human), mAb (ANC10G1)100 ugAncell
ANC-266anti-CD257 [BAFF] (human), mAb (ANC2H3)100 ugAncell
ANC-272anti-CD272 [BTLA] (human), mAb (ANC6E9)100 ugAncell
ANC-265anti-CD278 [ICOS] (human), mAb (ANC6C6)100 ugAncell
ANC-398anti-TNF-alpha (human), mAb (J1D9)100 ugAncell

Other blocking/neutralizing [FuncAbs™]

Cat. No.DescriptionAmountBrand
AG-20B-0017-C100anti-BAFF (human), mAb (blocking) (4.62)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0017B-C100anti-BAFF (human), mAb (blocking) (4.62) (Biotin)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0022PF-C100anti-TRAIL-R1 (human), mAb (HS101) (preservative free)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0023PF-C100anti-TRAIL-R2 (human), mAb (HS201) (preservative free)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0003-C100anti-NS5B (HCV), mAb (blocking) (5B-12B7)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0049-C100anti-BTLA (human), mAb (6F4)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0011-C100anti-LAG-3, mAb (blocking) (11E3)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0011PF-C100anti-LAG-3, mAb (blocking) (11E3) (preservative free)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0012-C100anti-LAG-3 (human), mAb (blocking) (17B4)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0012PF-C100anti-LAG-3 (human), mAb (blocking) (17B4) (preservative free)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20T-0105-C200anti-VEGF-A (human), mAb (3(6D3))200 ugAdipoGen

Inducing/Activating antibodies [FuncAbs™]

Cat. No.DescriptionAmountBrand
AG-20B-0008-C100anti-LTbetaR (mouse), mAb (4H8 WH2)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0008PF-C100anti-LTbetaR (mouse), mAb (4H8 WH2) (preservative free)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0041-C100anti-LTbetaR (mouse), mAb (3C8)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0041PF-C100anti-LTbetaR (mouse), mAb (3C8) (preservative free)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0036anti-CD40 (mouse), mAb (FGK45)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0036PFanti-CD40 (mouse), mAb (FGK45) (preservative free)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0062PF-C050anti-Fas (human), mAb (APO-1-3) (preservative free)50 ugAdipoGen
ANC-144anti-CD3 (human), mAb (UCHT1)100 ugAncell
ANC-151anti-CD6 (human), mAb (3F7B6)100 ugAncell
ANC-152anti-CD7 (human), mAb (3A1E)100 ugAncell
ANC-164anti-CD15 (human), mAb (AHN1.1)100 ugAncell
ANC-168anti-CD19 (human), mAb (BU12)100 ugAncell
ANC-177anti-CD28 (human), mAb (ANC28.1/5D10)100 ugAncell
ANC-189anti-CD40 (human), mAb (BE-1)100 ugAncell
ANC-300anti-CD40 (human), mAb (EA-5)100 ugAncell
ANC-192anti-CD43 (human), mAb (DFT1)100 ugAncell
ANC-200anti-CD49d (human), mAb (BU49)100 ugAncell
ANC-212anti-CD60 (human), mAb (UM4D4)100 ugAncell
ANC-301anti-CD79b (human), mAb (SN8)100 ugAncell
ANC-326anti-CD105 (human), mAb (SN6)100 ugAncell
ANC-141anti-IgM (human), mAb (UCHB1)100 ugAncell

Depleting antibodies [FuncAbs™]

Cat. No.DescriptionAmountBrand
AG-20B-0034-C100anti-BAFF-R (mouse), mAb (9B9)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0034PF-C100anti-BAFF-R (mouse), mAb (9B9) (preservative free)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0034B-C100anti-BAFF-R (mouse), mAb (9B9) (Biotin)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0043-C100anti-Neutrophils (mouse), mAb (blocking) (Nimp-R14)100 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0043PFanti-Neutrophils (mouse), mAb (blocking) (Nimp-R14) (preservative free)500 ugAdipoGen
AG-20B-0043B-C100anti-Neutrophils (mouse), mAb (blocking) (Nimp-R14) (Biotin)100 ugAdipoGen

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