GeneTex, Inc. started operations in early 1997 in San Antonio, Texas. GeneTex was founded by three internationally renowned scientists with recognized expertise in clinical oncology, cancer biology and infectious diseases. Based on their breadth of experience and research interests, the company's initial focus was breast cancer biology and prognostic marker research. This evolved to incorporate a comprehensive portfolio of immunological reagents used by scientists studying the underlying mechanisms common to many forms of cancer. GeneTex’s product portfolio has expanded to cover research areas including cancer, cell biology, epigenetics, immunology, infectious disease, metabolism, neuroscience, signal transduction, stem cell development and zebrafish biology.

All GeneTex antibodies and other research product are available through Bio-Connect. If you have questions about a product or you cannot find a product, please contact our helpdesk.

  • Highly validated antibodies
  • Well-cited publications
  • Covering multiple research areas
  • >450 newly developed
  • Tested on zebrafish samples
  • IF, IHC and Western Blot
  • Enhanced affinity
  • Superior performance
  • For IHC applications
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  • Validated in multiple species
  • Well-cited publications
  • Products for every MW range
  • Cell lysates
  • Tissue lysates
  • Slides and arrays
  • Solution for IP/WB problems
  • Masking bands by denatured IgG
  • Also for protein A/G background
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Top sellers

Cat. No.Description
GTX109242Arginase 1 antibody
GTX70109ATR antibody [2B5]
GTX44354beta 2 Microglobulin antibody [B1G6]
GTX53807Cas9 antibody [7A9]
GTX11289c-Kit antibody [104D2]
GTX28245GAPDH antibody [6C5]
GTX12894Histamine antibody [GT9016]
GTX100042Iba1 antibody
GTX74034IL1 beta antibody
GTX124420Lcp1 antibody
GTX115378NDP52 antibody
GTX104763PD-L1 antibody
GTX128120Porcine circovirus type 2 / PCV2 Capsid antibody
GTX77595Protein A antibody (HRP)
GTX70230Rad51 antibody [14B4]
GTX16355Trident 4X Laemmli SDS Sample Buffer
GTX14698Trident femto Western HRP Substrate
GTX221667-01EasyBlot anti Mouse IgG (HRP)
GTX213111-04Mouse IgG antibody (DyLight488)
GTX213110-04Rabbit IgG antibody (DyLight488)

Major product lines

  • Cell and tissue lysates
  • Primary antibodies
  • Proteins and peptides
  • Secondary antibodies
  • Serum products

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