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MedChem Express (MCE) provides a wide range of lifescience biochemicals, including more than 25,000 bioactive compounds, dye reagents, peptides and natural compounds for laboratory and scientific use. MCE just launched new products in neurological disease, drug metabolite, bacterial infection and cancer research area.

New product in May

Cat. No.Product namePurityMolecular weightFormulaCAS No.SolubilityResearch area
HY-P1256CJMV 449 acetate99.84%807.03C₄₀H₇₀N₈O₉H2O : 100 mg/mL (123.91 mM; Need ultrasonic)GPCR/Neurotensin Receptor/Neurological Disease
HY-123242FTI-215398.41%466.60C₂₅H₃₀N₄O₃S344900-92-1DMSO : 100 mg/mL (214.32 mM; Need ultrasonic)Metabolic Enzyme/Farnesyl Transferase/Lung Cancer
HY-108347CP-100356 hydrochloride597.10C₃₁H₃₇ClN₄O₆142715-48-8DMSO : 44 mg/mL (73.69 mM; Need ultrasonic and warming)Membrane Transporter/Ion Channel/Drug Metabolite
HY-119366S18-00000399.26%518.55C₂₆H₂₅F₃N₂O₄S2068119-11-7DMSO : 100 mg/mL (192.85 mM; Need ultrasonic)Lipid Metabolism/ROR/Psoriasis
HY-134772AS181072298.56%477.51C₂₅H₂₅F₂N₇O909561-15-5DMSO : 62.5 mg/mL (130.89 mM; Need ultrasonic)JAK/STAT Signaling/Asthma/Atopic Diseases
HY-14865BOmadacycline tosylate99.37%728.85C₃₆H₄₈N₄O₁₀S1075240-43-5H2O : 12.5 mg/mL (17.15 mM; Need ultrasonic)Gram-negative/Gram-positive Bacterial Infection

Cat. No.Product nameDescription
HY-K0601JC-1 Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Assay KitMCE JC-1 Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Assay Kit consists of JC-1, Phosphate-buffered saline (10×) and CCCP (50 mM in DMSO). The kit uses JC-1 to detect the mitochondrial membrane potential in variety of cell types, as well as intact tissues and isolated mitochondria.
HY-L032Fragment LibraryFragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) has become an attractive strategy to develop hits in target-based drug discovery. Several drugs derived from fragment-based approach have been approved by FDA and a variety of drugs have entered clinical studies. MCE fragment library, containing 14,000+ fragment compounds, is an important source of lead-like drugs.

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