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Inhibitors and agonists


AcetylcysteineBafilomycin A1Doxycycline hyclateMucolytic AgentV-ATPase/Autophagy Inhibitor
AntibioticChloroquineGanciclovirNigericin sodium salt 
Antimalarial AgentCMV InhibitorHydroxychloroquine sulfatePuromycin dihydrochloride 


3-Methyladenine (3-MA)DNA AlkylatorFerrostatin-1p38 MAPK InhibitorSB-431542
Antitumor AgentDoxorubicinGSK-3 InhibitorPaclitaxelSelective ROCK Inhibitor
Autophagy/PI3K InhibitorErastinLY294002PI3K InhibitorTopoisomerase Inhibitor
CHIR-99021Ferroptosis InducerMG-132RapamycinVenetoclax
CisplatinFerroptosis InhibitormTOR InhibitorSB 203580Y-27632

Cardiovascular disease

ACE InhibitorAngiotensin ModulatorDelapril hydrochlorideIsoprenaline hydrochloride 
Angiotensin II humanAnticoagulantHeparin sodium salt  

Inflammation and immunology

Adenylate Cyclase ActivatorDAPTGR AgonistPKC ActivatorTacrolimus (FK506)
ADU-S100DexamethasoneGW4869PMATLR4 Inhibitor
BAY 11-7082DoramapimodMCC950 sodiumResatorvid (TAK-242)TLR7/8 Agonist
BeclometasoneForskolinNLRP3 InhibitorResiquimod╬│-secretase Inhibitor
Cyclosporin AGlucocorticoidp38 MAPK InhibitorSTING Agonist 

Metabolic related diseases

AMPK ActivatorCholecystokinin AgonistPhenformin hydrochlorideRosiglitazone 
CeruletideMetforminPPAR╬│ Agonist  

Neurological disease

Clozapine N-oxideDREADD ActivatorMelatoninPLX5622 
CSF1R InhibitorMAO InhibitorMelatonin Receptor ActivatorRasagiline mesylate 


Antibody-drug conjugate/ADC related

The antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) is a humanized or human monoclonal antibody conjugated with highly cytotoxic small molecules (payloads) through chemical linkers. ADCs increase the cell-killing potential of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), and confer higher tumor selectivity. Some ADCs has been approved by FDA.


PROTACs or Proteolysis Targeting Chimeric Molecules are heterobifunctional nanomolecules that theoretically target any protein for ubiquitination and degradation. PROTACs consist of one moiety which is recognized by the E3 ligase. This moiety is then chemically and covalently to a small molecule or a protein that recognizes the target protein. The trimeric complex formation leads to the transfer of ubiquitins to the target protein.

Compound libraries

Cat. No.Description
HY-L026Clinical Compound Library
HY-L052Anti-COVID-19 Compound Library
HY-L027Antiviral Compound Library
HY-L003Apoptosis Compound Library
HY-L025Anti-Cancer Compound Library
HY-L005Epigenetics Compound Library
HY-L032Fragment Library
HY-L028CNS-Penetrant Compound Library
HY-L012Metabolism/Protease Compound Library
HY-L001Bioactive Compound Library
HY-L002Anti-Infection Compound Library
HY-L029Autophagy Compound Library
HY-L031Small Molecule Immuno-Oncology Compound Library
HY-L030Human Endogenous Metabolite Compound Library

Customize your library

You can select compounds, format (powder/liquid), container and plate map depending on your requirements.

Customized libraries are also included in this spring sale.

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