NF-kB Signaling Pathway Inhibitors

Nuclear factor kappa beta (NFkB) signaling pathway consist of proteins that function as transcription factors that regulate expression of genes, and therefore influencing a broad range of biological processes including immune response, inflammation and cell proliferation. Stimuli such as cellularstress, cytokines, free radicals, UV radiation, oxidized LDL, and bacterial or viral antigens activates this pathway.

Activated NFkB complexes are translocated to the nucleus where it binds to specific sequences of DNA called response elements to induce target gene expresion. Incorrect regulation of the Nuclear factor kappa beta (NFkB) signaling pathway might lead to disease including cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, viral infections, improper immune development.

Cat. No.DescriptionProduct groups

HDAC inhibitors

S2341(-)-Parthenolide (CAS no: 20554-84-1)Chemicals
S75554SC-202 [CAS no: 910462-43-0]Chemicals
S2244AR-42 (CAS no: 935881-37-1)Chemicals
S1085Belinostat (PXD101) (CAS no: 414864-00-9)Chemicals
S7689BG45 [CAS no: 926259-99-6]Chemicals
S7726BRD73954 [CAS no: 1440209-96-0]Chemicals
S7596CAY10603 [CAS no: 1045792-66-2]Chemicals
S2818CI994 (Tacedinaline) (CAS no: 112522-64-2)Chemicals
S1194CUDC-101 (CAS no: 1012054-59-9)Chemicals
S2759CUDC-907 (CAS no: 1339928-25-4)Chemicals
S1703Divalproex Sodium (CAS no: 76584-70-8)Chemicals
S1422Droxinostat (CAS no: 99873-43-5)Chemicals
S1053Entinostat (MS-275) (CAS no: 209783-80-2)Chemicals
S2170Givinostat (ITF2357) (CAS no: 732302-99-7)Chemicals
S7278HPOB [CAS no: 1429651-50-2]Chemicals
S1095LAQ824 (Dacinostat) (CAS no: 404951-53-7)Chemicals
S7569LMK-235 [CAS no: 1418033-25-6]Chemicals
S2779M344 (CAS no: 251456-60-7)Chemicals
S1484MC1568 (CAS no: 852475-26-4)Chemicals
S1122Mocetinostat (MGCD0103) (CAS no: 726169-73-9)Chemicals
S7473Nexturastat A [CAS no: 1403783-31-2]Chemicals
S1030Panobinostat (LBH589) (CAS no: 404950-80-7)Chemicals
S1090PCI-24781 (Abexinostat) (CAS no: 783355-60-2)Chemicals
S2012PCI-34051 (CAS no: 950762-95-5)Chemicals
S1515Pracinostat (SB939) (CAS no: 929016-96-6)Chemicals
S1096Quisinostat (JNJ-26481585) (CAS no: 875320-29-9)Chemicals
S7292RG2833 (RGFP109) (CAS no: 1215493-56-3)Chemicals
S7229RGFP966 (CAS no: 1396841-57-8)Chemicals
S8001Rocilinostat (ACY-1215) (CAS no: 1316214-52-4)Chemicals
S3020Romidepsin (FK228, Depsipeptide) (CAS no: 128517-07-7)Chemicals
S7595Santacruzamate A (CAY10683) [CAS no: 1477949-42-0]Chemicals
S8043Scriptaid (CAS no: 287383-59-9)Chemicals
S4125Sodium Phenylbutyrate (CAS no: 1716-12-7)Chemicals
S7617Tasquinimod [CAS no: 254964-60-8]Chemicals
S7324TMP269 [CAS no: 1314890-29-3]Chemicals
S1045Trichostatin A (TSA) (CAS no: 58880-19-6)Chemicals
S2239Tubacin (CAS no: 537049-40-4)Chemicals
S8049Tubastatin A (CAS no: 1252003-15-8)Chemicals
S2627Tubastatin A HCl (CAS no: 1310693-92-5)Chemicals
S1168Valproic acid sodium salt (Sodium valproate) (CAS no: 1069-66-5)Chemicals
S1047Vorinostat (SAHA, MK0683) (CAS no: 149647-78-9)Chemicals

IκB/IKK inhibitors

S7851AZD3264 [CAS no: 1609281-86-8]Chemicals
S8078Bardoxolone Methyl (CAS no: 218600-53-4)Chemicals
S2913BAY 11-7082 (CAS no: 19542-67-7)Chemicals
S7352Bay 11-7085 (CAS no: 196309-76-9)Chemicals
S8044BMS-345541 (CAS no: 445430-58-0)Chemicals
S1274BX-795 (CAS no: 702675-74-9)Chemicals
S2882IKK-16 (IKK Inhibitor VII) (CAS no: 873225-46-8)Chemicals
S2864IMD 0354 (CAS no: 978-62-1)Chemicals
S7697LY2409881 [CAS no: 946518-60-1]Chemicals
S1681Mesalamine (CAS no: 89-57-6)Chemicals
S7691PS-1145 [CAS no: 431898-65-6]Chemicals
S4907SC-514 (CAS no: 354812-17-2)Chemicals
S2824TPCA-1 (CAS no: 507475-17-4)Chemicals
S7441WS3 [CAS no: 1421227-52-2]Chemicals
S7442WS6 [CAS no: 1421227-53-3]Chemicals

NF-κB inhibitors

S2261Andrographolide (CAS no: 5508-58-7)Chemicals
S7414Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAS no: 104594-70-9)Chemicals
S7351JSH-23 (CAS no: 749886-87-1)Chemicals
S7672Omaveloxolone (RTA-408) [CAS no: 1474034-05-3]Chemicals
S4902QNZ (EVP4593) (CAS no: 545380-34-5)Chemicals
S7273SC75741 [CAS no: 913822-46-5]Chemicals
S4073Sodium 4-Aminosalicylate (CAS no: 6018-19-5)Chemicals
S3137Sodium salicylate (CAS no: 54-21-7)Chemicals

NOD1 inhibitors

S2863ML130 (Nodinitib-1) (CAS no: 799264-47-4)Chemicals

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