Meet us at

In 2019 you can meet Bio-Connect at the following events:

1 February 2019

BACR Annual Meeting 2019
Antwerp, Belgium

14 February 2019
Innovation for Health
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

20 March 2019
7th OncoPoint symposium
Ghent, Belgium

20-22 March 2019
7th Intl. Workshop on Cancer Genetic & Cytogenetic Diagnostics
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

17 May 2019
12th Dutch Stem Cell Meeting
Utrecht, the Netherlands

21 May 2019
EDT Immunology Day
Li├Ęge, Belgium

21 May 2019
NVML Spring Event
Zwolle, the Netherlands

24 May 2019
PhD Day Louvain Drug Research Institute (LDRI)
Brussels, Belgium

13-16 June 2019
24th Congress of EHA (European Hematology Association)
Invivoscribe booth
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

21 June 2019
3de Nederlandse cell free DNA dag
Utrecht, the Netherlands

28 June 2019Immunometabolism meeting VUMC
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

12 September 2019
MGC symposium
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

10-12 October 2019

3rd Molecular Biology of Ageing Meeting
Groningen, the Netherlands

21 November 2019
12th Benelux Nuclear Receptor Meeting
Ghent, Belgium