Mycoplasma Removal Agent - MRA

Eliminate mycoplasma contamination without harming your cell lines

  • Strong anti-mycoplasma activity for a complete elimination of mycoplasma from contaminated cultures: MRA is a derivative of the quinoline family of antibiotics and eliminates mycoplasma infection by inhibiting mycoplasma DNA gyrase, an essential enzyme for the microorganisms DNA replication.
  • Broad spectrum activity: MRA acts in the cell culture for up to 7 days killing a wide variety of mycoplasma strains. It works at concentration as low as 0.5 µg/ ml.
  • Effective at low concentration and proven low in cytotoxicity: Cellular toxicity is rare when used at the recommended concentrations. That is why MRA can also be used to avoid mycoplasma contamination as a preventive measure.
  • No recurrence of mycoplasma contamination: Once treated with MRA, a cell culture will not be recontaminated with original mycoplasma while preventative doses of MRA are in use.
  • Very easy to use: MRA can be used very conveniently. Simply add to cell cultures contaminated by mycoplasma and incubate for a week.

Mycoplasma infected cell culture
MRA treated cell culture

MRA is supplied as a ready-to-use solution and is stable at room temperature. Each vial contains 5 ml of 4-oxo-quinoline-3-carboxylic acid derivative (concentration: 50µg/ml).​

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Mycoplasma Removal Agent
5 ml
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