15 May 2023

15% off selected Absolute Biotech products

Receive 15% off all orders of select products from Absolute Biotech brands, including Absolute Antibody, Everest, Exalpha, Nordic-MUbio and LSBio.

The offer applies to all products from Absolute Antibody, Everest, Exalpha and Nordic-MUbio, plus LSBio LS-A, LS-B and LS-F products (all other LSBio products excluded).

Promotion period: May 15 – June 15

Absolute Biotech banner

Absolute Biotech brands

Logo of Absolute Antibody

Absolute Antibody is an experts in antibody engineering and recombinant antibody technology.

Logo of Everest Biotech

Everest specializes in anti-peptide and antigen affinity purified goat polyclonal antibodies.

Exalpha offers antibodies, reagents, kits and custom IgY services at the cutting edge of the research life sciences market.

Logo of Nordic-MUbio

Nordic-MUbio develops and manufactures high quality antibody and flow cytometry reagents according to strict ISO 9001 guidelines.

Logo of LifeSpan BioSciences (LSBio)

LifeSpan BioSciences is a leader in immunohistochemistry validation, offering a comprehensive catalog of antibodies, proteins and ELISAs.

15% off selected Absolute Biotech products

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