9 March 2023

ABclonal 20 ul antibodies & ELISA kits promotion

We have temporarily reduced the prices of ABclonal antibodies (20 ul) & ELISA kits (96 tests) in the first and second quarter of 2023.

Over 50% discount on 20 ul trial size antibodies

ABclonal offers over 15,000 monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies based on different antibody development platforms. Their quickly expanded antibody portfolios will provide you wide choice for targets and empower your research in the cutting-edge of life science.

Key features and benefits

  • Large collection of antibodies are available for you to make multiple choices in species and applications.
  • Interactive and responsive new product development pipeline and custom antibody services will provide more choice for novel targets.
  • Authentic in-house validations for multiple applications with wide range of samples (including validation on KO cell models) ensure reliable and stable performance of ABclonal antibodies in your experiments.

State-of-the-art recombinant antibody development platforms will provide more valuable monoclonal antibodies with high specificity, sensitivity and lot-to-lot consistency.

Top sellers

[KO Validated] Bax Rabbit mAb (A19684)
[KO Validated] LC3B Rabbit mAb (A19665)
[KO Validated] PTEN Rabbit mAb (A19104)
More antibodies can be found in our webshop

More than 15% discount on ELISA kits

ABclonal ELISA kits cover human, mouse, rat, and other conventional detection species, and 400 specific target ELISA kits. The product categories include a variety of cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, proteases, and other molecules.

Product features

  • High quality antibodies are well selected for matching antibody pairs, which provides a reasonable basis for specificity, sensitivity, and lot-to-lot consistency.
  • Rigorous in-house validation and reaction system optimization is performed to ensure the reliable and stable performance of the kits.
  • A large collection of developed antibodies in a flexible format and a wide range of customized services can meet your unique need in assay development.

Top sellers

Human IL-1 beta ELISA Kit (RK00001)
Human IFN-gamma ELISA Kit (RK00015)
Human EGF ELISA Kit (High Sensitivity) (RK00024HS)
Human Monocyte Chemotactic Protein 1 ELISA Kit (MCP1) (RK00052)
Human Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor ELISA Kit (BDNF) (RK00074)
Human C-Reactive Protein/CRP ELISA Kit (RK00078)
Human CXCL2/GRO-beta ELISA Kit (RK00150)
Human alpha-fetoprotein/AFP ELISA Kit (RK00355)
Mouse Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor ELISA Kit (BDNF) (RK00433)
General Cortisol ELISA Kit (Cor) (RK00639)
Human Dickkopf-related protein 3 ELISA Kit (RK04129)
2019-nCoV Spike S1 Protein Elisa Kit (RK04135)
More ELISA kits can be found in our webshop

ABclonal 20 ul antibodies & ELISA kits promotion

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