8 March 2022

Arigo’s solutions for studying PANoptosis and PANoptosome

Smart solutions to facilitate the identification of the triggers of PANoptosis and the underlying mechanisms.

PANoptosis is a unique inflammatory cell death that involves the coordinated activation of Pyroptosis, Apoptosis, and Necroptosis. PANoptosis play a critical role in defensing against pathogens. It is regulated by PANoptosome, a protein complex that engages the key molecules involved in pyroptosis (caspase-1, ASC, GSDMD), apoptosis (caspase-8, FADD), and necroptosis (RIPK1, RIPK3). Although various PANoptosomes were found in bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections, the understanding of the PANoptosis regulation is still limited.

In addition to pathogen infection, PANoptosis was observed in autoinflammatory diseases, cytokine storm, and cancer. Karki et al. [ref. 1] reported that the combination of proinflammatory cytokines TNFα and IFNγ triggers PANoptosis and causes a lethal cytokine shock in mice. They found that inhibition of PANoptosis protects mice from mortality during SARS-CoV-2 infection, sepsis, hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, and cytokine shock syndrome (cytokine storm). Malireddi et al. [ref. 2] reported that PANoptosis can be activated by the combination TNFα and IFNγ in multiple human cell lines, suggesting a potential strategy for cancer therapy. arigo offers smart solutions to facilitate the research of PANoptosis.


Pyroptosis Antibody Panel (ARG30330)
GSDMA antibody (ARG42639)
GSDMB antibody (ARG42636)
GSDMC antibody (ARG42638)
GSDMD antibody (ARG41404)
GSDME antibody (ARG42602)
More Panels for pyroptosis & inflammasomes


Caspase-8 antibody (ARG55919)
Caspase-3 antibody (ARG54938)


Necrosome Antibody Panel (ARG30344)
MLKL pSer358 antibody (ARG40184)


  1. Karki R, Sharma BR, Tuladhar S, et al. Synergism of tnf-α and ifn-γ triggers inflammatory cell death, tissue damage, and mortality in sars-cov-2 infection and cytokine shock syndromes. Cell. 2021;184(1):149-168.e17.
  2. Malireddi RKS, Karki R, Sundaram B, et al. Inflammatory cell death, panoptosis, mediated by cytokines in diverse cancer lineages inhibits tumor growth. Immunohorizons. 2021;5(7):568-580.

Arigo’s solutions for studying PANoptosis and PANoptosome

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