15 February 2022

Breakthrough fastGEN technology

Quick & easy detection of mutations in tumors thanks to user-friendly NGS kits and GENOVESA software

Personalised therapy can provide an opportunity for patients with various types of cancer to prolong and improve their quality of life. To effectively set up the therapy, it is necessary to distinguish patients who will benefit from treatment from patients whose cancer is naturally resistant to the therapy. The appropriate predictive molecular markers can increase the overall effectiveness and reduce the financial costs of the therapy.

Knowledge about the mutation status of RAS genes, EGFR and IDH 1/2 genes is required to indicate the proper treatment of metastatic carcinomas and to assess the disease prognosis.

The fastGEN is a single technology with multiple opportunities

BioVendor brings new technology fastGEN for examination of the mutation status of oncomarkers in samples. Technology is base on ultra-deep sequencing of short amplicons obtained by a single polymerase chain reaction with special tagged hybrid primers.

The fastGEN technology is simple, ultra-sensitive, specific and effective – it is perfectly adapted to diagnostics and offers new advantages for clinical material.

BioVendor offers user-friendly diagnostic kits with software solution for KRAS, NRAS, BRAF, EGFR and IDH 1/2 genes with excellent analytical parameters and extremely fast processing.

Unique cloud software for data analysis

The GENOVESA software fastGEN module is a cloud all-in-one solution for the analysis of raw data (FASTQ files) with technical and application support.


  • It is intended for research use only
  • The total assay time is less than <30 min hands on time, < 14h overall
  • It provides an examination of the mutation status of oncomarkers in samples (DNA isolated from tumor or circulating DNA) by ultra-deep sequencing
  • Assay format is 16 tubes with Master Mixes
  • Components of the kit are provided ready to use
  • The simplicity of the fastGEN method is into mix one particular Master Mix with a DNA sample and insert it into a thermocycler.

fastGEN kits

fastGEN Lung cancer kit (RDNGS0002)
fastGEN Brain cancer kit (RDNGS0003)
fastGEN Solid cancer kit (RDNGS0001)

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