1 December 2022

Fujifilm Wako Winter Promo: 10% off on EV products & Lys-C

10% discount on all EV products and Lysyl Endopeptidase® (MS grade). The offer is valid from 1st December 2022 until 28th February 2023.

For the isolation of intact extracellular vesicles, Fujifilm Wako has developed an extremely efficient EV isolation kit (PS affinity method). The method relies on the Tim4 protein, which specifically binds to phosphatidylserine (PS) on the surface of EVs lipid bilayer in the presence of Ca2+-ions. For elution of the captured EVs from Tim4, functionalized on magnetic beads, a chelating agent (EDTA) is used to remove calcium ions, so that purified exosomes are released under mild and physiological conditions. This leads to almost intact EVs with very low levels of contaminants, and it provides EVs for functional research. This EV isolation method has better recovery efficiency, purity, collection of intact vesicles, and reproducibility than conventional methods. EVs from various animal species and samples, such as a human, mouse, and bovine can be purified.

For biomarker research, they provide high performance quantitative ELISA kits with selectable capture targets CD9, CD63, CD81, and PS with high sensitivity & specificity for the detection of EVs.

In addition, Fujifilm Wako has developed an optimized medium for the production of MSC-derived EVs. It has been reported that EVs released from mesenchymal stem cells show therapeutic effects by transferring cargoes, such as lipids, proteins, RNAs, and DNAs to recipient cells. This has led many researchers to focus on the therapeutic applications of EVs. While researchers are seeking for the optimum conditions for MSCs to secret EVs, we have successfully launched a new medium, EV-Up™. This medium is a serum-free and animal-free medium and enhances EV production from MSCs without compromising their functionality.

Lysyl endopeptidase® is a serine protease that cleaves peptide bonds at the carboxy-terminus of lysine residues with high specificity. Taking advantage of its excellent specificity, Lysyl Endopeptidase® is used for peptide fragmentation and peptide mapping for analysis of the primary structure of proteins. Here, they offer you the opportunity to test the Lysyl Endopeptidase®, Mass Spectrometry Grade (Lys-C).

EV products & Lys-C (MS grade)

Cat. No.DescriptionPacking
294-84101MagCapture™ Exosome Isolation Kit PS Ver.22 Tests
290-84103MagCapture™ Exosome Isolation Kit PS Ver.210 Tests
058-09261EV-Save™ Extracellular Vesicle Blocking Reagent1 mL
050-09461EV-Save™ Extracellular Vesicle Blocking Reagent for in vivo1 mL
053-09451EV-Up™ EV Production Basal Medium for MSC, AF95 mL
298-84001EV-Up™ MSC EV Production Supplement, AF100 mL
290-80301PS Capture™ Exosome Isolation Resin Kit (for large volume sample)1 Kit
297-79201PS Capture™ Exosome ELISA Kit (Anti Mouse IgG POD)96 Tests
298-80601PS Capture™ Exosome ELISA Kit (Streptavidin HRP)96 Tests
297-79701PS Capture™ Exosome Flow Cytometry Kit300 Tests
011-27751Anti CD63, Monoclonal Antibody (3-13), Red Fluorochrome(635) Conjugated25 Tests
017-27753Anti CD63, Monoclonal Antibody (3-13), Red Fluorochrome(635) Conjugated100 Tests
014-27643Anti CD63, Monoclonal Antibody (3-13), Fluorescein Conjugated100 Tests
081-10261Human TIM4/Human Fc Chimera, recombinant100 ug
137-18511Mouse TIM4/Human Fc Chimera, recombinant100 ug
125-05061Lysyl Endopeptidase®, Mass Spectrometry Grade (Lys-C)20 ug x 5
121-05063Lysyl Endopeptidase®, Mass Spectrometry Grade (Lys-C)20 ug
296-83701CD9-Capture Human Exosome ELISA Kit (Streptavidin HRP)96 Tests
290-83601CD63-Capture Human Exosome ELISA Kit (Streptavidin HRP)96 Tests
292-83801CD81-Capture Human Exosome ELISA Kit (Streptavidin HRP)96 Tests
052-09301Exosomes, from COLO201 cells, purified50 uL


  • Offer is valid until the 28th February 2023.

Fujifilm Wako Winter Promo: 10% off on EV products & Lys-C

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