OZ Biosciences

Since 2003, OZ Biosciences creates, develops and produces innovative molecular delivery systems specialized in transfection and transduction tools, for the worldwide scientific community and pharmaceutical industry. OZ Biosciences is focused on delivery technologies of biomolecules such as DNA, RNA and protein for in vitro and in vivo applications.

OZ Biosciences mission is to provide cutting-edge transfection and transduction reagents in order to enable life sciences researchers to achieve outstanding success. OZ Biosciences has established a strong position in the field of molecular delivery system with several patents and know-how for Magnetofection™, Magneto-biolisitic, magnetic-assisted transduction, Polyfection, Lipofection and 3D transfection, technologies.

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Company Introduction:

Major Product Lines:

  • Magnetofection™: a unique gene delivery method for in vitro and in vivo applications.
  • Polymer-based transfection: a totally new transfection agent based on Cationic Hydroxylated Amphipilic Multi-block Polymer (CHAMP).
  • Lipofection: proprietary biodegradable lipid-based transfection reagents.
  • CRISPR/CAS9 genome editing transfection reagents: for plasmid DNA, protein, mRNA and virus particles.
  • Transduction tools: for producing, concentrating, storing and enhancing virus efficiency.
  • Virus concentration: Mag4C magnetic nanoparticles capture viruses in culture medium with 80-90% efficiency
  • 3D transfection: allowing nucleic acid delivery directly into 3D matrix.
  • I-MICST: reagent designed for i-MICST™ Technology for efficient and specific transduction of target cells directly on magnetic cell-purification columns.
  • Protein delivery systems: including antibody and based on biodegradable lipid nanoparticles.
  • Cell specific reagents: For specific cells such as neurons and stem cells.
  • STEM Cell applications: transfection reagents and transduction tools for Stem Cell applications.
  • Vaccine Adjuvants: Standard and novel adjuvants for antigenic and genetic immunization.

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Top Products

Cat. No.Description
AB00125AdenoBlast Transfection Reagent 125 µL
AB03125AdenoBlast Transfection Reagent 3x125 µL
GL00250Glial-Mag Transfection Reagent 250 µL
GL00500Glial-Mag Transfection Reagent 500 µL
LB01500Lentiblast Transfection Reagent 2x1500 µL
LB00500Lentiblast Transfection Reagent 2x500 µL
LL71000Lullaby Transfection Reagent 1 mL
LL73000Lullaby Transfection Reagent 3x1 mL
LL70500Lullaby Transfection Reagent 500 µL
AKC11000Mag4C AD Kit
ATK11200Mag4C AD Trial Kit
LKC11000Mag4C LV Kit
LTK11200Mag4C LV Trial Kit
MTX2-0750Magnetofectamine O2 250 µL + 750 µL
MTX2-1000Magnetofectamine O2 Starting Kit
NM51000NeuroMag Magnetic Transfection Reagent 1 mL
NM50200NeuroMag Magnetic Transfection Reagent 200 µL
NM50500NeuroMag Magnetic Transfection Reagent 500 µL
KC30800Transfection Starting Kit

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