PrecisA Monoclonals

Precise, Accurate and Targeted Monoclonal Antibodies

PrecisA Monoclonals are Atlas mouse monoclonal antibodies. They are developing monoclonal antibodies against a number of carefully selected targets as a strong complement to their rabbit polyclonal antibody product portfolio.

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PrecisA Monoclonals

The name PrecisA Monoclonals originates from their core values at Atlas Antibodies and it also reflects their Swedish origin. The Swedish word “precisa” means precise, accurate and targeted. They find this a perfect description for their in-house developed mouse monoclonal antibodies.

Atlas Antibodies take special care in offering clones recognizing only unique non-overlapping epitopes and/or isotypes. By using their stringent production process and characterization procedure, their monoclonal antibodies offer outstanding performance in approved applications, together with defined specificity, secured continuity and stable supply. They also permit high working dilutions and contribute to standardized assay procedures.

Antigen Selection

The Protein Epitope Signature Tag (PrEST) concept gives you antibody performance built in from start. Using proprietary bioinformatics software, 50-150 amino acid regions with the lowest possible sequence identity to other human proteins are selected, cloned and recombinantly produced in a tightly controlled set-up.

Clone Selection

Functional characterization is performed on a large number of ELISA positive cell supernatants to select the optimal clones for each application prior to subcloning and expansion of selected Hybridomas.

Epitope Mapping

PrecisA Monoclonals are epitope-mapped using synthetic overlapping peptides in a bead-based array format for selection of clones with non-overlapping epitopes only. Using this method, we can determine the precise binding site of the antibody to its target protein.


All Atlas PrecisA Monoclonal antibodies are isotyped to allow for multiplexing using isotype-specific secondary antibodies.

Hybridoma Cell Cultivation

PrecisA Monoclonals are cultured in murine cell lines.

Antibody Characterization

The characterization of PrecisA Monoclonals starts with an extensive literature search to select the most accurate, relevant and clinically significant tissues to use for immunohistochemistry (IHC) characterization. Atlas often present several tissue types in the IHC application data in their product catalog. In addition to positive stained tissue they also display a negative control tissue staining and if relevant clinical cancer tissue staining

The characterization for Western blot (WB) data follows that same working procedure and starts with a profound literature search to find the best matching lysate.

Each PrecisA Monoclonal antibody is supplied with the most relevant characterization data for its specific target.

PrecisA Monoclonals
ABCD3 AntibodyEGFR AntibodyMMP9 AntibodySCGN Antibody
ACSL5 AntibodyEMD AntibodyMOG AntibodySDHB Antibody
ADAR AntibodyENG AntibodyMRC1 AntibodySIX1 Antibody
AKT1 AntibodyERCC1 AntibodyMST1R AntibodySLC22A2 Antibody
ANLN AntibodyESR1 AntibodyMTDH AntibodySLC27A5 Antibody
ANXA1 AntibodyEZR AntibodyMYH6 AntibodySLC27A5 Antibody
APOA4 AntibodyFABP7 AntibodyNAPRT1 AntibodySOX11 Antibody
APOL1 AntibodyFBLN1 AntibodyNECAB1 AntibodySOX9 Antibody
AQP4 AntibodyFLT1 AntibodyNECAB2 AntibodySTAT3 Antibody
ARG1 AntibodyFUS AntibodyNEFH AntibodySTX7 Antibody
ATAD2 AntibodyGAD1 AntibodyNEFM AntibodyTG Antibody
ATF3 AntibodyGAD2 AntibodyNES AntibodyTH Antibody
ATRX AntibodyGDF15 AntibodyNET AntibodyTHY1 Antibody
BRD4 AntibodyGFAP AntibodyNLRP3 AntibodyTPH2 Antibody
CA12 AntibodyGLUL AntibodyNOP56 AntibodyTSPAN7 Antibody
CARS AntibodyGORASP2 AntibodyOCLN AntibodyTTR Antibody
CD14 AntibodyHDAC1 AntibodyP4HA2 AntibodyTUFM Antibody
CD3E AntibodyHER2 AntibodyP53 AntibodyUCHL1 Antibody
CD4 AntibodyHNF1B AntibodyPARP1 AntibodyUSP46 Antibody
CD40 AntibodyHNRNPC AntibodyPBRM1 AntibodyVANGL1 Antibody
CD45 AntibodyIDH1 AntibodyPCM1 AntibodyVGAT Antibody
CD68 AntibodyITGAM AntibodyPDIA3 AntibodyVGLUT1 Antibody
CD8A AntibodyITGAX AntibodyPGAM5 AntibodyVGLUT2 Antibody
CDH1 AntibodyITIH4 AntibodyPHGDH AntibodyVIM Antibody
CHAT AntibodyKDM5B AntibodyPLA2R1 AntibodyVPS26A Antibody
CHGA AntibodyKIT AntibodyPODXL AntibodyVWF Antibody
CNDP1 AntibodyLY6K AntibodyRBM3 AntibodyWHSC1 Antibody
CNP AntibodyMACC1 AntibodyREST AntibodyWWTR1 Antibody
CS AntibodyMBP AntibodyRHOT1 AntibodyZEB1 Antibody
CTCF AntibodyMCL1 AntibodyRNASE7 AntibodyZNF703 Antibody
DAT AntibodyMEF2C AntibodyRUNX2 AntibodyZYX Antibody
DDC AntibodyMKI67 AntibodyS100A4 Antibody
DIAPH2 AntibodyMKI67IP AntibodyS100B Antibody
DICER1 AntibodyMKL2 AntibodySATB2 Antibody

Use our advanced search engine to find your antibody. Search your target and fine-tune with the filters. You can filter on many features such as: application, species, host, conjugation, isotype, clonality, brand and more. If you still can’t find your antibody, request it here and we will locate it for you.

Antibody Co-Development Program

Are you in need of an antibody to target a protein Atlas do not list in their catalogue?

Please look into our Antibody Co-Development Program for information, or contact our helpdesk.

One of the antibodies developed in collaboration with an external partner is their mouse monoclonal Anti-PLA2R1 (AMAb90772) antibody shown to the right. In the image, immunohistochemical staining of human kidney using Anti-PLA2R1,  showing strong immunoreactivity in renal glomeruli.

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