Primary Cancer Culture System

PromoCell’s Primary Cancer Culture System is a standardized, defined and animal component-free (D-ACF) system for the isolation and culture of human primary tumor cells. It supports the long-term culture of cancer cells while maintaining the clonal diversity of malignant subpopulations. Due to precise stromal control, prolonged culture allows for functional selection of malignant cells. This principle enables access to an enriched population of primary cancer cells.

The Primary Cancer Culture System consists of the Primary Cancer Cell Medium D-ACF, SupplementMix, and NCCD surface treatment reagent.

An innovative solution for culturing primary cancer cells:

  • Isolate: Reliable technique designed to support a broad range of cancer types
  • Culture: Long-term culture support of patient tumor samples and of patient-derived xenografts (PDX)
  • Purify: Enrichment of primary cancer cells by depletion of non-malignant cells

Key Advantages:

  • Perform up to 5 isolations with one bottle of medium
  • Maintains the diversity of original tumor malignant cell subpopulations
  • No stromal overgrowth
  • Defined and animal component-free (D-ACF)

The PromoCell Primary Cancer Culture System

This advanced culture system, consisting of the Primary Cancer Cell Medium D-ACF and the NCCD-Reagent, was designed to be the first universally applicable, cost-effective solution for in vitro isolation of long-term primary cultures of human malignancies, e.g. from patient tumor samples or patientderived xenografts (PDX). The selection process dispenses with the use of cytotoxic agents in a defined and animal-free culture environment. Since on the cellular level malignancy itself is the only selection criterion, the cell diversity of the cancerous subpopulations of the original tumor is preserved.
One bottle of medium is typically sufficient for 3 – 5 primary isolations.
With regard to cancer cell primary isolation, traditional tumor cell media generally support the growth of benign cells, e.g. tumor stroma, CAFs and TAMs, but do not sufficiently support the cancer cell subpopulations that drive the progression of tumors in vivo. The vast majority of these in vitro primary cultures are therefore transient and exhibit a gradual loss of the original malignant cells that cause the disease.
In contrast, the Primary Cancer Culture System makes it possible to reliably deplete benign cells from the culture while supporting the maintenance of cancer cells. Since malignancy itself serves as the sole functional selection criterion, the culture system is applicable to all types and entities of malignant cells, regardless of their origin and the stage of the tumor. Provisional enrichment techniques, e.g. cell sorting while relying on unproven markers, are therefore obsolete.
The Primary Cancer Culture System can also be used for other applications, e.g. enriching malignant subpopulation(s) in established cell lines or depleting of stromal cells and other non-cancerous cells from established primary cancer cell cultures.

Learn more in PromoCell's Application Note: Selective In Vitro Culture of Primary Cancer Cells from Human Tumor Samples

Figure 1: Isolation and culture of primary human cancer cells from tumor specimens using the Primary Cancer Culture System.

Figure 2: Human low-grade small cell lung cancer cells (left; exhibiting a sphere-forming growth pattern) and human squamous carcinoma cells (right: exhibiting an adherent growth pattern) cultured in the Primary Cancer Culture System.


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