Protein extracts, lysates and tissue arrays

The availability of tissues to study proteins can be limited. We have the solution! We can provide you with total or membrane protein extracts / lysates from different tissues and species and with an extensive and unique collection of frozen tissue sections, paraffin tissue sections, and tissue arrays for human normal, diseased, and tumor tissue types.

Tissue arrays, sections, and panels


  • Ready-to-use for IHC, ISH, FISH, LCM, etc
  • Tissues selected by board-certified pathologists
  • Tissues collected under strict IRB and ethical consenting practices
  • Clinical data available including age, gender, tumor TNM and stage


  • In both paraffin-embedded/FFPE and frozen formats
  • Human normal, cancer (primary and metastasis) and diseased tissues
  • Matched Pairs: normal and primary pair (PP), primary and metastatic pair (PM)
  • Human cancer cell lines
  • Animals and plants

FDA Standard Frozen Tissue Array

  • 30 human normal tissues arrayed according to FDA guidelines
  • 3 donors per specific tissue type following FDA regulations
  • Time-efficient and cost-effective for screening cross-reactivity and binding specificity
  • Validation of antibodies used for manufacturing of all in vivo products
  • Convenience of multiple-donor tissues arrangements for polymorphism screening

Examples of BioChain's Frozen Tissue Array OCT Blocks

H&E stained FDA Standard Frozen Tissue Array. 90 tissues spotted on 2 glass slides.

FFPE and Frozen Tissue Sections

Figure 1 (left). In situ hybridization and Immunohistochemistry of p53 gene in human colon cancer tissue FFPE sections. Three serial paraffin embedded tissue sections were analyzed for p53 gene expression in human colon cancer tissue. It is shown that p53 mRNA and p53 protein are localized in the same area under 400x magnification. Top: H.E. stained image. Middle: Image of immunohistochemistry. Bottom: Image of in situ hybridization.

Figure 2 (left). H.E. stained image of both paraffin embedded and frozen kidney tissue sections.

Top: Paraffin embedded kidney.

Bottom: Frozen kidney section.

Tumor matched pair sections - Same donor - Adjacent normal and primary tumor pair - Primary and metastasis tumor pair

Figure 3 (above). H.E. stained tumor matched pair tissue sections.
A: Paraffin embedded breast cancer tissue
B: Paraffin embedded breast cancer adjacent normal tissue
C: Frozen breast cancer tissue
D: Frozen breast cancer adjacent normal tissue

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