Toll-like Receptors

The TLR family is the best characterized of the PRRs. They recognize a variety of PAMPs from bacteria (LPS, flagellin, CpG DNA), viruses (ssRNA, dsRNA) and fungi. There are three common pathways involved in TLR signaling: the MyD88-dependent, the alternative MyD88 and the TRIF-dependent pathways. Upon activation by PAMPs, all TLRs except TLR3 activate MyD88-dependent pathways to distinctly activate NF-KB, c-Jun and the subsequent inflammatory responses. Upon activation by viral RNA, TLR7/8 and TLR9 initiate an alternate MyD88 pathway to induce interferon expression and an antiviral response. The TRIF-dependent pathway is restricted to TLR3 and TLR4-TRAM signaling which mediates T cell stimulation.


TLR1 AntibodyCD14 AntibodyIRF5 Antibodyp65 Antibody
TLR2 Antibodyc-Jun AntibodyIRF7 AntibodyPI3K Antibody
TLR3 AntibodyERK1 AntibodyJNK AntibodyRac1 Antibody
TLR4 AntibodyERK2 AntibodyLPS AntibodyRIP1 Antibody
TLR5 AntibodyFADD AntibodyMD2 AntibodyTAB1 Antibody
TLR6 AntibodyIKB AntibodyMKK3 AntibodyTAB2 Antibody
TLR7 AntibodyIKK AntibodyMKK6 AntibodyTAK1 Antibody
TLR8 AntibodyIKK-alpha AntibodyMKKs AntibodyTANK Antibody
TLR9 AntibodyIKK-beta AntibodyMyD88 AntibodyTBK1 Antibody
TLR10 AntibodyIRAK1 AntibodyNAP1 AntibodyTIRAP Antibody
TLR11 AntibodyIRAK2 AntibodyNFkB AntibodyTRAF3 Antibody
Akt AntibodyIRAK4 AntibodyOPN AntibodyTRAF6 Antibody
AP1 AntibodyIRAKM Antibodyp38 AntibodyTRAM Antibody
Casp-8 AntibodyIRF3 Antibodyp50 AntibodyTRIF Antibody

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