Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies

Antibodies raised in rabbits have distinct advantages over antibodies produced in mice, including having a higher affinity and the rabbit immune-response is able to recognize epitopes that are non-immunogenic in mice. Thus, rabbit monoclonals are more specific and more sensitive antibodies than those produced in mouse. The rabbit monclonals are ideal for applications like IHC, IF staining and flow cytometry.

Rabbit antibodies are widely used in research and diagnostics due to their high antigen specificity and affinity. These properties are ideal for applications such as immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF) and flow cytometry. Moreover, for double-labeling experiments it is favorable to use antibodies raised in two different species. Rabbit antibodies are more closely related to human than mouse-derived antibodies and it is also believed that they recognize a greater variety of epitopes. Another advantage of rabbit antibodies is their higher immunogenicity against human protein targets in comparison with mice and rat antibodies. Rabbit monoclonal antibodies have combined the benefits of the rabbit immune system in antigen recognition with the specificity and consistency of a monoclonal antibody. This allows you to use antibodies with the highest quality antibody possible.

ACOX1 AntibodyCD5 AntibodyH3F3A AntibodyPDCD1 Antibody
ACTB AntibodyCD79A AntibodyHIST1H2AB AntibodyPDGFRB Antibody
AKT1 AntibodyCD8A AntibodyHIST1H3A AntibodyPECAM1 Antibody
AKT2 AntibodyCD99 AntibodyHIST1H4I AntibodyPGR Antibody
AKT3 AntibodyCDK2 AntibodyHIST3H3 AntibodyPPARG Antibody
AMACR AntibodyCDK5 AntibodyHIST4H4 AntibodyPRKAR2A Antibody
ANO1 AntibodyCHGA AntibodyIGHG1 AntibodyPTGS2 Antibody
APP AntibodyCNN1 AntibodyIL2RA AntibodyPTPRC Antibody
AR AntibodyCR2 AntibodyKLK3 AntibodyRABEPK Antibody
BAX AntibodyCREB1 AntibodyKRT20 AntibodyRbfox3 Antibody
BCL2 AntibodyCTNNB1 AntibodyMAP2K1 AntibodyRHOA Antibody
BRAF AntibodyDES AntibodyMAPK1 AntibodyROCK1 Antibody
CALD1 AntibodyDNTT AntibodyMAPK8 AntibodyRPS6 Antibody
CASP3 AntibodyEGFR AntibodyMCM2 AntibodySLC45A3 Antibody
CAV1 AntibodyEPCAM AntibodyMCM5 AntibodySMAD3 Antibody
CCNB1 AntibodyERBB2 AntibodyMET AntibodySTAT3 Antibody
CCND1 AntibodyERBB3 AntibodyMKI67 AntibodySYP Antibody
CD274 AntibodyESR1 AntibodyMLANA AntibodyTNF Antibody
CD276 AntibodyESRRA AntibodyMS4A1 AntibodyTNFRSF8 Antibody
CD33 AntibodyFOXO3 AntibodyMSH2 AntibodyTOP2A Antibody
CD34 AntibodyGAPDH AntibodyNKX2-2 AntibodyTP53 Antibody
CD3E AntibodyGRIN2A AntibodyNRAS AntibodyUBB Antibody
CD4 AntibodyH1F0 AntibodyPAX5 AntibodyVEGFA Antibody
CD44 AntibodyH2AFX AntibodyPAX8 AntibodyVIM Antibody

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