Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies

Antibodies raised in rabbits have distinct advantages over antibodies produced in mice, including having a higher affinity and the rabbit immune-response is able to recognize epitopes that are non-immunogenic in mice. Thus, rabbit monoclonals are more specific and more sensitive antibodies than those produced in mouse. The rabbit monclonals are ideal for applications like IHC, IF staining and flow cytometry.

Rabbit antibodies are widely used in research and diagnostics due to their high antigen specificity and affinity. These properties are ideal for applications such as immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF) and flow cytometry. Moreover, for double-labeling experiments it is favorable to use antibodies raised in two different species. Rabbit antibodies are more closely related to human than mouse-derived antibodies and it is also believed that they recognize a greater variety of epitopes. Another advantage of rabbit antibodies is their higher immunogenicity against human protein targets in comparison with mice and rat antibodies. Rabbit monoclonal antibodies have combined the benefits of the rabbit immune system in antigen recognition with the specificity and consistency of a monoclonal antibody. This allows you to use antibodies with the highest quality antibody possible.

ACOX1 AntibodyCD5 AntibodyH3F3A AntibodyPDCD1 Antibody
ACTB AntibodyCD79A AntibodyHIST1H2AB AntibodyPDGFRB Antibody
AKT1 AntibodyCD8A AntibodyHIST1H3A AntibodyPECAM1 Antibody
AKT2 AntibodyCD99 AntibodyHIST1H4I AntibodyPGR Antibody
AKT3 AntibodyCDK2 AntibodyHIST3H3 AntibodyPPARG Antibody
AMACR AntibodyCDK5 AntibodyHIST4H4 AntibodyPRKAR2A Antibody
ANO1 AntibodyCHGA AntibodyIGHG1 AntibodyPTGS2 Antibody
APP AntibodyCNN1 AntibodyIL2RA AntibodyPTPRC Antibody
AR AntibodyCR2 AntibodyKLK3 AntibodyRABEPK Antibody
BAX AntibodyCREB1 AntibodyKRT20 AntibodyRbfox3 Antibody
BCL2 AntibodyCTNNB1 AntibodyMAP2K1 AntibodyRHOA Antibody
BRAF AntibodyDES AntibodyMAPK1 AntibodyROCK1 Antibody
CALD1 AntibodyDNTT AntibodyMAPK8 AntibodyRPS6 Antibody
CASP3 AntibodyEGFR AntibodyMCM2 AntibodySLC45A3 Antibody
CAV1 AntibodyEPCAM AntibodyMCM5 AntibodySMAD3 Antibody
CCNB1 AntibodyERBB2 AntibodyMET AntibodySTAT3 Antibody
CCND1 AntibodyERBB3 AntibodyMKI67 AntibodySYP Antibody
CD274 AntibodyESR1 AntibodyMLANA AntibodyTNF Antibody
CD276 AntibodyESRRA AntibodyMS4A1 AntibodyTNFRSF8 Antibody
CD33 AntibodyFOXO3 AntibodyMSH2 AntibodyTOP2A Antibody
CD34 AntibodyGAPDH AntibodyNKX2-2 AntibodyTP53 Antibody
CD3E AntibodyGRIN2A AntibodyNRAS AntibodyUBB Antibody
CD4 AntibodyH1F0 AntibodyPAX5 AntibodyVEGFA Antibody
CD44 AntibodyH2AFX AntibodyPAX8 AntibodyVIM Antibody

Features of Sino Biological's RabMAb Development Platform

Sino Biological has developed a proprietary platform for efficient development of high affinity and high specificity rabbit monoclonal antibodies. They are the first company that is able to generate 2nd generation high-affinity rabbit Mab owning to their creative proprietary technology. By using recombinant protein based antigen for rabbit immunization, they can obtain rabbit monoclonal antibodies for ELISA assay as well as WB, IHC, and FC applications. Sino Biological has successfully developed ELISA assays with rabbit monoclonal antibodies with pg assay sensitivity. Their rabbit monoclonal antibodies usually have binding affinity in the range of 1-100 picomole.

Rabbit MAbs

Cat. No.DescriptionSpeciesMolecule

Rabbit MAbs against Human Antigens

10160-R005Adipsin / Complement Factor D / CFD Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanCFD
12078-R001alpha-Galactosidase A / GLA Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanGLA
10773-R023ASGPR1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanASGR1
13908-R002-PASGR2 / ASGPR2 Antibody (PE), Rabbit MAbHumanASGR2
13908-R002ASGR2 / ASGPR2 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanASGR2
11279-R021beta-Catenin / CTNNB1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanCTNNB1
100087-R013bFGF / FGF2 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanFGF2
10014-R101bFGF / FGF2 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanFGF2
10005-R017CD112 / Nectin-2 / PVRL2 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanPVRL2
10073-R001CD14 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanCD14
10186-R125CD147 / EMMPRIN / Basigin Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanBSG
10565-R102CD226 / DNAM-1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanCD226
10259-R110CD32b / FCGR2B Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanFCGR2B
10259-R112CD32b / FCGR2B Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanFCGR2B
10400-R113CD4 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanCD4
11192-R179CD68 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanCD68
100128-R001CD79A / Ig-alpha Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanCD79A
10980-R081CD8a / Lyt2 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanCD8A
11031-R039CD8B / P37 / LEU2 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanCD8B
11996-R351c-Kit / CD117 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanKIT
13909-R226Coagulation Factor VIII / FVIII / F8 Antibody (Heavy Chain), Rabbit MAbHumanF8
10001-R021EGFR / HER1 / ErbB1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanEGFR
10694-R028EpCAM / TROP-1 / TACSTD1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanEpCAM
10289-R102Galectin-3 / LGALS3 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanLGALS3
10007-R104G-CSF / CSF3 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanCSF3
100393-R024-FGlypican 3 / GPC3 / OCI-5 Antibody (FITC), Rabbit MAbHumanGPC3
100393-R024-PGlypican 3 / GPC3 / OCI-5 Antibody (PE), Rabbit MAbHumanGPC3
10004-R511HER2 / ErbB2 / CD340 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanERBB2
10004-R002HER2 / ErbB2 / CD340 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanERBB2
11051-Rn208KIM-1 / TIM1 / HACVR1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanHAVCR1
100129-R101KRT14 / Cytokeratin 14 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanKRT14
11215-R107LAMP1 / CD107a Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanLAMP1
10231-R301-FLDL Receptor / LDLR Antibody (FITC), Rabbit MAbHumanLDLR
10231-R301-PLDL Receptor / LDLR Antibody (PE), Rabbit MAbHumanLDLR
10327-RM04MMP-9 / CLG4B Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanMMP9
11050-R412NGF / NGFB Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanNGF
10594-RM03PCSK9 / NARC1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanPCSK9
10377-RD67PD1 / PDCD1 / CD279 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanPDCD1
10084-R015PD-L1 / B7-H1 / CD274 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanCD274
10084-R001PD-L1 / B7-H1 / CD274 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanCD274
11235-R019REG3A Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanREG3A
10995-R018SerpinG1 / C1 inhibitor / C1IN Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanSerpinG1
10390-R024TIM-3 / HAVCR2 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanHAVCR2
10390-R108TIM-3 / HAVCR2 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanHAVCR2
10417-R006TNFR2 / CD120b / TNFRSF1B Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanTNFRSF1B
11066-R105VEGF / VEGFA / VEGF165 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanVEGFA
10008-R064VEGF121 / VEGF-A Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanVEGFA
10136-R111-PVEGFR1 / FLT-1 Antibody (PE), Rabbit MAbHumanFLT1
100254-R211Vimentin Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanVIM
12163-R005VSIG4 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanVSIG4
10973-R111vWF Antibody, Rabbit MAbHumanvWF

Rabbit MAbs against Mouse Antigens

50067-R0144-1BBL / CD137L / TNFSF9 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseTNFSF9
50683-R036AGO2 / Argonaute 2 / EIF2C2 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseAGO2
50083-R103ASGPR1 / ASGR1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseASGR1
50083-R114ASGPR1 / ASGR1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseASGR1
50660-R001Carbonic Anhydrase IX / Car9 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCA9
50087-R011-PCD132 / IL2RG Antibody (PE), Rabbit MAbMouseIL2RG
50023-R503CD14 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCD14
50259-R305CD155 / PVR Antibody, Rabbit MAbMousePVR
50036-R011CD16-2 / FCGR4 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseFCGR4
50537-R029CD2 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCD2
50110-R034CD27 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCD27
50110-R133CD27 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCD27
50589-R013CD34 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCD34
50191-R032CD38 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCD38
50134-R001CD4 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCD4
50468-R076CD55 / DAF Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCD55
50086-R027-FCD64 / FCGR1 Antibody (FITC), Rabbit MAbMouseFCGR1
50086-R001CD64 / FCGR1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseFCGR1
50086-R008CD64 / FCGR1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseFCGR1
50086-R027CD64 / FCGR1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseFCGR1
50389-R208CD8a / Lyt2 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCD8A
50389-R208-ACD8a Antibody (APC), Rabbit MAbMouseCD8A
50389-R208-FCD8a Antibody (FITC), Rabbit MAbMouseCD8A
50413-R001Coagulation Factor III / Tissue Factor / CD142 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseF3
50362-R003Coagulation Factor IX / FIX / F9 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseF9
50059-R220CSF1R / MCSF Receptor / CD115 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCSF1R
50503-R037CTLA-4 / CD152 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCTLA4
50155-R277CXCL9 / MIG Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCXCL9
50331-R038ECM1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseECM1
51091-R112EGFR / HER1 / ErbB1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseEGFR
50413-R001-PF3 Antibody (PE), Rabbit MAbMouseF3
50030-R005FCGR2B / CD32 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseFcgr2
50396-R034Granulin / GRN / Progranulin Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseGRN
50440-R020ICAM-1 / CD54 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseICAM1
50469-R110IFNAR1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseIFNAR1
50114-R024IL-1 alpha / IL-1F1 / IL1A Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseIL1A
50061-R015IL13RA2 / CD213A2 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseIL13Ra2
50073-R169IL18 / IL-18 / Interleukin 18 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseIL18
50073-R167IL-18 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseIL18
51179-R021IL36G Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseIL36G
50305-R032-PLDLR / LDL Receptor Antibody (PE), Rabbit MAbMouseLDLR
50129-R004MSR1 / CD204 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseMSR1
50010-R485-APD-L1 / B7-H1 / CD274 Antibody (APC), Rabbit MAbMouseCD274
50010-R485-PPD-L1 / B7-H1 / CD274 Antibody (PE), Rabbit MAbMouseCD274
50010-R401PD-L1 / B7-H1 / CD274 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCD274
50010-R485PD-L1 / B7-H1 / CD274 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseCD274
50256-R066Podoplanin / PDPN Antibody, Rabbit MAbMousePDPN
50279-R001REN1 / Renin-1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseREN
50813-R048SLC3A2 / CD98 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseSLC3A2
50128-R112-ATNFRSF1B Antibody (APC), Rabbit MAbMouseTNFRSF1B
50412-R131TRAIL R2 / TNFRSF10B / CD262 Antibody, Rabbit MAbMouseTNFRSF10B

Rabbit MAbs against Antigens of other species

90014-R046CD32b / Fc gamma RIIB Antibody, Rabbit MAbCynomolgusFCGR2B
80016-R005-FCD64 / FCGR1 Antibody (FITC), Rabbit MAbRatFCGR1
80016-R015CD64 / FCGR1A Antibody, Rabbit MAbRatFCGR1
60001-R073-ACD8a / Lyt2 Antibody (APC), Rabbit MAbFerretCD8A
11680-R112Clostridium Perfringens Neuraminidase / NA Antibody, Rabbit MAbC.perfringensC. Perfringens NA
40094-R106Ebola virus EBOV (Subtype Sudan, strain Gulu) Glycoprotein / GP1 (mucin domain deleted) Antibody, Rabbit MAbEBOVEBOV-G
40094-R301Ebola virus EBOV (Subtype Sudan, strain Gulu) Glycoprotein / GP1 (mucin domain deleted) Antibody, Rabbit MAbEBOVEBOV-G
60004-R071Ferret CD20 / MS4A1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbFerretMS4A1
13105-R208GFP Antibody, Rabbit MAbAequorea victoriaGFP
11082-R002H7N9 Hemagglutinin / HA Antibody, Hemagglutination Inhibition Activity, Rabbit MAbInfluenzaHA
80079-R187HER2 / ErbB2 Antibody, Rabbit MAbRatERBB2
11233-R001HIV-1 gp120 (group M, subtype CRF07_BC) Antibody, Rabbit MAbHIVgp120
40021-R028Human coronavirus spike glycoprotein Antibody, Rabbit MAbHCoVSpike
10202-R038Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) Glycoprotein B / gB Antibody, Rabbit MAbCMVgB
11233-R011Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV-1) gp120 / Glycoprotein 120 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHIVgp120
11695-R002Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV-1) p24 / Capsid Protein p24 Antibody, Rabbit MAbHIVGag-p24
11049-R009Human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) Fusion Glycoprotein / RSV-F Antibody, Rabbit MAbRSVRSV-F
80076-R007IL-6 Antibody, Rabbit MAbRatIL6
40359-R137Influenza A H10N8 (A/Jiangxi-Donghu/346/2013) Hemagglutinin / HA Antibody, Rabbit MAbH10N8HA
11055-RM05Influenza A H1N1 (Swine Flu 2009) Hemagglutinin / HA Antibody, Rabbit MAbInfluenzaHA
11058-R001Influenza A H1N1 (Swine Flu 2009) Neuraminidase / NA Antibody, Rabbit MAbInfluenzaNA
11056-R006Influenza A H3N2 (A/Brisbane/10/2007) Hemagglutinin / HA Antibody, Rabbit MAbH3N2HA
11056-R104Influenza A H3N2 (A/Brisbane/10/2007) Hemagglutinin / HA Antibody, Rabbit MAbH3N2HA
11056-R014Influenza A H3N2 (A/Brisbane/10/2007) Hemagglutinin / HA Antibody, Rabbit MAbH3N2HA
86001-RM01Influenza A Virus Hemagglutinin / HA Antibody, Rabbit MAbInfluenzaHA
11055-RM10Influenza H1N1 (A/California/04/2009) Hemagglutinin / HA Antibody, Rabbit MAbInfluenzaHA
11684-R016Influenza H1N1 (A/Puerto Rico/8/34) Hemagglutinin / HA Antibody, Rabbit MAbH1N1HA
70001-R202KIM-1 / TIMD-1 / HAVCR1 Antibody, Rabbit MAbCanineHAVCR1
40069-R723MERS-CoV (NCoV / Novel coronavirus) Spike Antibody, Rabbit MAbMERS-CoVSpike
90001-R002p53 / TP53 Antibody, Rabbit MAbCynomolgusTP53
70109-R039PD1 / PDCD1 / CD279 Antibody, Rabbit MAbCaninePDCD1
60002-R030TNF-alpha / TNFA Antibody, Rabbit MAbFerretTNF

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