Normal Serums and Gamma Globulins

Normal serums are lipid extracted to improve clarity, dialyzed against phosphate buffered saline (PBS) containing sodium azide, and freeze-dried. Normal serum diluted to 5% (v/v) in PBS is strongly recommended as a blocking agent to reduce background from non-specific, conserved-sequence, and/or Fc-receptor binding. Best results are obtained with diluted normal serum from the same host as the labeled antibody, as a separate incubation step before addition of the primary antibody.

Gamma globulins are further purified from non-immunized animal serums by salt fractionation, ion-exchange chromatography, and gel filtration. Gamma globulins are an inexpensive source of IgG with only trace amounts of other immunoglobulins and/or non-immunoglobulin serum proteins. Gamma globulins are supplied as sterile liquids in phosphate buffer without stabilizers or preservatives.

We offer more than 100 normal serums from several brands. Find yours in our product search.

Normal serums

Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
028-000-121Alpaca Normal Serum10 ml
028-000-001Alpaca Normal Serum2 ml
001-000-121Normal Bovine Serum10 ml
001-000-001Normal Bovine Serum2 ml
002-000-001Normal Cat Serum2 ml
002-000-120Normal Cat Serum5 ml
003-000-001Normal Chicken Serum2 ml
003-000-120Normal Chicken Serum5 ml
004-000-001Normal Dog Serum2 ml
004-000-120Normal Dog Serum5 ml
017-000-121Normal Donkey Serum10 ml
017-000-001Normal Donkey Serum2 ml
005-000-121Normal Goat Serum10 ml
005-000-001Normal Goat Serum2 ml
006-000-001Normal Guinea Pig Serum2 ml
006-000-120Normal Guinea Pig Serum5 ml
008-000-121Normal Horse Serum10 ml
008-000-001Normal Horse Serum2 ml
009-000-121Normal Human Serum10 ml
009-000-001Normal Human Serum2 ml
015-000-001Normal Mouse Serum2 ml
015-000-120Normal Mouse Serum5 ml
011-000-001Normal Rabbit Serum2 ml
011-000-120Normal Rabbit Serum5 ml
012-000-001Normal Rat Serum2 ml
012-000-120Normal Rat Serum5 ml
013-000-121Normal Sheep Serum10 ml
013-000-001Normal Sheep Serum2 ml
014-000-121Normal Swine Serum10 ml
014-000-001Normal Swine Serum2 ml
007-000-001Normal Syrian Hamster Serum2 ml
007-000-120Normal Syrian Hamster Serum5 ml

Gamma globulins

Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
001-000-002Bovine Gamma Globulin10 mg
002-000-002Cat Gamma Globulin10 mg
003-000-002Chicken Gamma Globulin10 mg
004-000-002Dog Gamma Globulin10 mg
017-000-002Donkey Gamma Globulin10 mg
005-000-002Goat Gamma Globulin10 mg
006-000-002Guinea Pig Gamma Globulin10 mg
008-000-002Horse Gamma Globulin10 mg
009-000-002Human Gamma Globulin10 mg
015-000-002Mouse Gamma Globulin10 mg
011-000-002Rabbit Gamma Globulin10 mg
012-000-002Rat Gamma Globulin10 mg
013-000-002Sheep Gamma Globulin10 mg
014-000-002Swine Gamma Globulin10 mg
007-000-002Syrian Hamster Gamma Globulin10 mg

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