SignalChem is a biotechnology company focused on the research, development and production of innovative cell signaling products. They focus on producing highly purified biologically-active human recombinant proteins. SignalChem strives to support life scientists in academia and biotech by creating effective research tools to advance basic life sciences research and drug discovery efforts.

Bio-Connect supplies all SignalChem products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

The SignalChem advantage

  • All-in-one facility
  • High activity
  • Extensive process capabilities
  • Devoid of activation mutations
  • In vivo characteristics
  • Distinguished industry partners and alliances
  • Extensive global customer outreach

Protein products

  • Active enzymes - kinases, phosphatases, phosphodiesterases (PDEs), ubiquitin enzymes, epigenetic enzymes, proteases, GTPases and ATPases.
  • Proteins - adaptor proteins, transcription proteins, enzyme substrates, Tau and phospho-Tau.
  • Reagents - mostly assay reagents (buffer, substrates and co-factors)

Top active enzymes

Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
A16-10GAKT1, Active5 or 10 ug
R09-10GRIPK3, Active5 or 10 ug
M23-11GHPK1, Active5 or 10 ug
G09-10GGSK3 beta, Active5 or 10 ug
R07-10GRIPK1, Active5 or 10 ug
B10-10HBTK, Active5 or 10 ug
M25-11GGLK, Active5 or 10 ug
P47-10HAMPK (A1/B1/G1), Active5 or 10 ug

Broad range of product applications

  • Screening
  • Crystallography
  • Western blot
  • Binding studies
  • Custom applications

Expression system offerings

  • Bacteria - E. coli
  • Yeast - S. Cerevisieae, P. Pastoris
  • Insect - Sf9, Sf21, High 5
  • Plant - Tobacco
  • Mammalian - CHO, HEK, COS
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