Rat anti-human Repulsive Guidance Molecule B (RGMB) monoclonal antibody
c-Abl (Tyr-245), phospho-specific
I-kappa-Ba (Tyr-42), phospho-specific
N-Cadherin (a.a. 853-864) [Conserved Site: E-Cadherin (a.a. 828-839)]
Anti-FOXO1 (C-term) Mouse mAb
Anti-PSD95 Rabbit pAb
Anti-Alkaline Phosphatase Rabbit pAb
Anti-KAP1/TIF1beta Mouse mAb
Anti-Histone H3 Rabbit pAb
Anti-MAP2 (N-term) Mouse mAb
Anti-beta-Actin Mouse mAb
Anti-Calumenin Mouse mAb
Anti-SMC1A (C-term) Mouse mAb
Anti-FAS (C-term) Mouse mAb
Anti-Rab2 Mouse mAb
Anti-Growth Hormone Rabbit pAb
Anti-UHRF1 (N-term) Mouse mAb
Anti-beta-Tubulin Mouse mAb
Anti-PPP1A Mouse mAb
Anti-PP2A alpha and beta Mouse mAb
Anti-BRG1 Mouse mAb
Anti-HA-tag Mouse mAb
Anti-Histone H2A.X (Phospho-Ser139) Mouse mAb
Anti-TBL1 Mouse mAb
Anti-Bax Mouse mAb
Anti-E-Cadherin Mouse mAb
Anti-APOA5 Mouse mAb
Anti-P16 (Mouse and Human) Mouse mAb
Anti-Influenza B virus Nucleoprotein Mouse mAb
Anti-Chk2 Mouse mAb
Anti-RON Mouse mAb
Anti-LIN28 Mouse mAb
Anti-NANOG Mouse mAb
Anti-JAK3 Mouse mAb
Anti-Placental alkaline phosphatase (PLAP) Mouse mAb
Anti-PSMB8/LMP7 Mouse mAb
Anti-PIK3R1 Mouse mAb
Anti-GLUT1 Rabbit pAb
Anti-YAP1 Rabbit pAb
Anti-DYKDDDDK-tag-HRP (HRP-Conjugate) Mouse mAb
Anti-HA-tag Rabbit pAb
Anti-RFP Rabbit pAb
Anti-Bax Rabbit pAb
Anti-NOX4 Rabbit pAb
Anti-STAT3 Rabbit pAb
Malaria Pv mAb1-labeling
Malaria Pan-mAb1 labeling
PCT mAb2-coating
CYP450 Goat Preimmune IgG
Anti-PGE2, Rabbit Polyclonal
Anti-PGF2-alpha, Sheep Polyclonal
Sheep anti-Human Factor VII
Sheep anti human factor XII IgG fraction, biotin labeled
Anti-Human PAI-1 Monoclonal Antibody
Catalase Assay Kit
TBARS, Colorimetric Microplate Format
Total Glutathione Assay Kit
Human Prothrombin
12-LOX Leucocyte Type (active)