Zebrafish Antibodies

The zebrafish (Danio rerio) model system offers many advantages for studying both developmental biology and human diseases. Because they are transparent for at least seven days post fertilization (dpf), zebrafish embryos allow clear microscopic visualization of developmental or neoplastic processes. This feature has been extended with the generation of a strain yielding transparent adults. In addition, zebrafish have both innate and adaptive immune systems that are similar to those found in mammals, not to mention a fully mapped genome that is homologous to the human genome. Thus, the zebrafish constitutes an inexpensive, physiologically relevant model system that can be easily manipulated to mimic human cancer growth through the induction of tumors by carcinogen treatments, transplantation of mammalian cancer cells, targeted mutagenesis of tumor suppressor genes, or by generation of transgenic zebrafish expressing human oncogenes.

As the leading manufacturer of zebrafish antibodies, GeneTex offers an extensive portfolio of reagents validated for use in this model system. GeneTex currently offers a continuously expanding catalog of reagents designed expressly for zebrafish research, with more than 450 newly developed zebrafish antibodies and 1400 hatchling products. These antibodies have been tested on zebrafish samples in a variety of applications including, but not limited to, immunofluorescence microscopy, immunohistochemistry microscopy, and western blot.

Cat. No.DescriptionApplication
GTX124484Acta1b antibodyIHC, IHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX124302Aldh1a2 antibodyIHC-Fr, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX124482Aldh2a antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX124303alpha Tubulin antibodyIHC, IHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX129736Atp6v1al antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX130820ATP6V1B2 antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX124388Bactin1 antibodyIHC-Fr, IHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX128348Bmp4 antibodyWB
GTX124357Cat antibodyIHC-P, WB
GTX133053Ccnd1 antibodyWB
GTX125962Cdh2 antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX128209Chd antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX124405Ckma antibodyIHC, IHC-P, IHC-Wm
GTX133063Col1a1a antibodyWB
GTX128202Col1a2 antibodyWB
GTX127988Col2a1a antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX124479Cox4i1 antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX124481Ctnnb1 antibodyIHC, IHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX132244Cxcr4b antibodyWB
GTX124387Cyfip2 antibodyIHC-P, WB
GTX128377Cyp1a antibodyWB
GTX128986Cyth1a antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX129001Dcp2 antibodyWB
GTX128344Dlx2a antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX129968Dvl2 antibodyIHC, WB
GTX129967Dvl3 antibodyIHC
GTX124538Ef1a antibodyIHC-P, WB
GTX128929Eif4a2 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX128365Elavl3+4 antibodyIHC-Fr, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX124467Eno1 antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX128484Etf1 antibodyIHC
GTX124324Etfa antibodyIHC, IHC-Fr, WB
GTX128989Ezrb antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX124466Fbl antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX128304Flh antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX128273Foxa2 antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX128926Fyna antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX124355Gad1b antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX124502Gapdh antibodyIHC-P, WB
GTX128333Gata1a antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX128741Gfap antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX124403Glul antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX124354Gpia antibodyIHC-Fr, IHC-P, WB
GTX132571Gsc antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX124349Hdac3 antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX132238Her6 antibodyWB
GTX124425Hexokinase 1 antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX127342Histone H2A.XS139ph (phospho Ser139) antibodyICC/IF, IHC, IHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX124486Hmgb1 antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX124465Hnrnpab antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX128403Hsp70l antibodyWB
GTX124483Hsp90ab1 antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX124472Ilk antibodyIHC, IHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX129970Inhbb antibodyIHC, IHC-Fr
GTX128490Ins antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX128201Isl1 antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX131944Klf8 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX128002Krt18 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX124361Krt8 antibodyIHC-P, WB
GTX124420Lcp1 antibodyIHC-P, IHC-Wm
GTX131406leptin b antibodyWB
GTX124290Lin7a antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX132379Lyz antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX124289Mab21l antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX132692Mfap4 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX128379Mpx antibodyIHC-P, IHC-Wm
GTX132039Mt1+Mt2 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX128851Mtmr2 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX124771Mtor antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX128816Myl2 antibodyIHC, IHC-Fr, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX128346Myl7 antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX128129Myod1 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX132491Nanog antibodyWB
GTX124288Nat10 antibodyIHC-P, WB
GTX124285Nfyba antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX128357Nkx2.5 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX124295Nme2b.1 antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX128135p53 antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX128127Pax2a antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX128843Pax6a+b antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX128328Pcdh8 antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX124496Pcna antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm, Immunostaining
GTX124432Pdha1a antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX132376Plk1 antibodyWB
GTX132245Pou5f3 (Oct4) antibodyWB
GTX128354Prox1 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX128266PU.1/Spi1 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX124464Rpl3 antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX131425Rspo3 antibodyWB
GTX129645Sfrp2 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX124294Sod2 antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX128374Sox10 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX124477Sox2 antibodyIHC-Fr, IHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX132494Sox3 antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX132380Sox32 antibodyWB
GTX133062Sox4a antibodyWB
GTX133068Sox4b antibodyWB
GTX128406Tbx16 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX128302Tbx6 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX124360Th antibodyWB
GTX125869Thbs4b antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX124660Tp63 antibodyIHC, IHC-Fr, IHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX133007Trpm7 antibodyWB
GTX124965Tuba1 antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX124485Tubb5 antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX124352Tubg1 antibodyIHC, IHC-Fr, IHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX128845Tyms antibodyWB
GTX132034Usp1 antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX131403Usp13 antibodyWB
GTX131402Usp9 antibodyWB, IHC-Wm
GTX128306Vasa antibodyIHC, IHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX124821Vcp antibodyIHC-P, WB, IHC-Wm
GTX128356Vegfaa antibodyIHC-Wm
GTX133061Vimentin antibodyWB, IHC-Wm

ACAT1 AntibodyCol1a1a AntibodyIDH3A AntibodyRpl13a Antibody
Acnat1 AntibodyCol2a1a AntibodyILK AntibodyRPL9 Antibody
ACO2 AntibodyCOX4I1 AntibodyISL1 AntibodyRPSA Antibody
Acta1b AntibodyCrabp2a AntibodyKRT18 AntibodySDHA Antibody
ACTA2 AntibodyCS AntibodyKRT8 AntibodySEPT7B Antibody
ACTB AntibodyCSNK1A1 AntibodyLCP1 AntibodySLC31A1 Antibody
Actb1 AntibodyCTBP2 AntibodyLIN7A AntibodySMAD5 Antibody
Actc1a AntibodyCTNNA1 AntibodyMAB21L1 AntibodySmarcb1a Antibody
ACTN1 AntibodyCTNNB1 AntibodyMAK AntibodySOD2 Antibody
ACTN2 AntibodyCYP26B1 AntibodyMAPK3 AntibodySOX2 Antibody
Actn3a AntibodyCyth1a AntibodyMAT2A AntibodySox21b Antibody
ACVR1C AntibodyDGAT1 AntibodyMCM4 AntibodySox9a Antibody
Acvr2aa AntibodyEef1a1l1 AntibodyMTOR AntibodySTAM Antibody
Adipor1b AntibodyEgr2b AntibodyNAP1L1 AntibodyTARDBP Antibody
AKT3 AntibodyELMO1 AntibodyNme2b.1 AntibodyTbx5a Antibody
ALDH1A2 AntibodyFabp7a AntibodyOgt.1 AntibodyTGFA Antibody
Aldh2.1 AntibodyFBL AntibodyOlfr792 AntibodyThbs4b Antibody
ALDH7A1 AntibodyGABARAPL2 AntibodyPa2g4a AntibodyTIMP2 Antibody
ALDOB AntibodyGABRA1 AntibodyPCNA AntibodyTMEM125 Antibody
AP1G1 AntibodyGad1b AntibodyPdha1a AntibodyTNF Antibody
ARF1 AntibodyGAPDH AntibodyPHB AntibodyTnnc1a Antibody
ARPC1A AntibodyGAPDHS AntibodyPpardb AntibodyTP63 Antibody
ARPC2 AntibodyGNAT1 AntibodyPpp1caa AntibodyTUBA1B Antibody
Ascl1a AntibodyH2AFZ AntibodyPpp3r1b AntibodyTuba1l Antibody
Atp1a1a.4 AntibodyHDAC1 AntibodyPPP6C AntibodyTUBB Antibody
ATP6V0D1 AntibodyHDAC3 AntibodyPRKCZ AntibodyTubb5 Antibody
Camk2d2 AntibodyHer6 AntibodyPRMT1 AntibodyTUBG1 Antibody
CCT5 AntibodyHmgb1a AntibodyPsma6a AntibodyVCP Antibody
CDH1 AntibodyHNRNPAB AntibodyPSMC3 AntibodyYwhaqa Antibody
CDH2 AntibodyHSP90AB1 AntibodyPuf60a AntibodyZgc:136929 Antibody
Ckba AntibodyHSPA8 AntibodyPygma AntibodyZgc:55461 Antibody
Ckma AntibodyIDH1 AntibodyRaraa AntibodyZMPSTE24 Antibody

Use our advanced search engine to find your zebrafish antibody. Search your target and fine-tune with the filters. You can filter on many features such as: application, host, conjugation, isotype, clonality, brand and more. If you still can’t find your antibody, request it here and we will locate it for you.

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