Life Sciences

Bio-Connect Life Sciences offers one of the most comprehensive life science assortments in the world. With over 80 suppliers and 5 million products in our portfolio we strive to offer researchers the most complete package in life science reagents.

Life Sciences

For 15 years, Bio-Connect Life Science is a dynamic company specialized in the import and distribution of life science reagents from global suppliers into The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. At present, Bio-Connect fulfills the position as a preferred supplier in the academic and industrial market. Bio-Connect has an extensive line of products to fulfill our customers’ needs and employs a team of highly skilled and experienced personnel to actively assist the life science researcher. Bio-Connect is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Bio-Connect Life Sciences for life science research products

We are a reliable partner in supplying life science reagents, such as antibodies, arrays, biochemicals, enzymes, cell culture products (primary cells, media), body fluids, proteins, peptides, assay kits, PCR, DNA/RNA isolation/purification and much more. The research areas we cover are cancer and immune checkpoints, neuroscience, immunology and inflammation, virology, oncology, (epi) genetics and many more.

We also have

Our Diagnostics division is your source for source for diagnostic (IVD-CE) and related products. In addition, we also have Bio-Connect Services, a solution for all your laboratory needs. For all suppliers without official representation in the Benelux.

Life Sciences


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