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In order to simplify the process of developing medicines in the laboratory as much as possible, it is important that finding the best suppliers and products for high quality research is simple and clear. This is one of the reasons why Biotech, Pharma & CRO customers often choose Bio-Connect.

For over 15 years, we connect Biotech, Pharma & CRO with global suppliers of life science and diagnostics reagents. For these industries we made a special selection of suppliers who are well known for their extensive portfolio in products used for drug discovery and vaccine development. Find out more about their main products and USP’s in the overview.

The lifescience & diagnostic reagents of these suppliers can be used for the following research area’s of biotech companies, pharmaceuticals & CRO:

  • Drug discovery
  • Cell-based treatments
  • Vaccine development
  • Production of i.e. drugs, proteins
  • (Diagnostic) kit production
  • Food,feed & seeds
SuppliersDrug discoveryCell-based treatmentsVaccine developmentProduction of i.e.
drugs, proteins
(Diagnostic) Kit
Food, feed & seedsPortfolio and USP’s
Cygnus TechnologiesBioprocess impurities: protein A ELISA and HCP ELISA (i.e. CHO and
HEK293), custom kits and coverage analysis services
Sino BiologicalRecombinant technology: proteins, antibodies, custom production
PromoCellCell culture: primary cells with specialized culture media (custom), cell
assays, EXCiPACT™ GMP certified
AdipoGen Life
Inflammation research: antibodies, ELISA, recombinant proteins, small
molecules, natural products and rare antibiotics
Bio X CellIn vivo grade monoclonal antibodies: preclinical animal studies, bulk
GeneTexPolyclonal, monoclonal and recombinant antibodies: cancer, infectious
disease, neuroscience, 5 pillars of antibody validation
BPS BioscienceBiomedical research: cell lines, proteins & enzymes, substrates,
immunotherapy, epigenetics, cell signaling, CRISPR, CAR-T
Atlas AntibodiesAntibodies from the Human Protein Atlas project: Best in class for IHC,
co-development program
MedChem ExpressSmall molecules: research chemicals and biochemicals, biologically
active, synthesis from milligrams to kilograms, FDA approved bioactive
screening libraries (HTS/HCS)
Solis BioDynePCR reagents: enzyme is stable at RT and tolerates inhibitors, FAST
range allows 30 min (q)PCRs
SVAR Life ScienceGene therapy-, complement system-, cell-based solutions, with the iLite
QuidelImmuunsystem monitoring, complement activation, bone health
MabtechSpot technology for studying immune response in diseases
CreativeGMP proteins, CAR-T, customized solutions, gene discovery, regulation
and function, cell based assays, custom service provider
IBLELISA and ready-to-use assays for specific markers/hormones/
BioLaminaLaminins: matrices for robust expansion, maintenance and differentiation
of cells, 2D and 3D culture
BiotiumFluorescent tools: patented technologies and solutions for unmet
challenges, earth-friendly alternatives
BrainXelliPSC derived neurons: highly pure cultures of neurons
Cell Guidance
Exosome research: extraction of extracellular vesicles without
centrifugation, 3D cell culture: PODS-peptigels with growth factor
depots, softwell plates and dishes
Safety testing: endotoxin-specific testing (LAL/SLP), DADRA/ADRA test:
animal-free skin sensitivity testing, Bambanker: serum-free cell freezing
Prolytix (HTI)Large molecule CRO: protein chemistry expertise, integrated large
molecule analytical services and customized products
LifeSpan BioSciencesBiomedical research reagents: antibodies, ELISA and assay kits, proteins,
IHC, cancer, infectious disease (virology), pathways
OZ BiosciencesTransfection reagents: magnetic transfection of DNA, RNA, protein or
virus, mRNA range
INDIGO BiosciencesNuclear receptor assays: in vitro toxicology studies
Cell4PharmaRenal toxicity test: ciPTEC, a human renal cell line, reduced drug
development losses
Secondary antibodies: original manufacturer of secondary antibodies, also
produce blocking serum, control proteins and streptavidin and conjugates
JPT peptidesPeptides: PepMix to check T-cell response, SARS-CoV-2 peptides,
special peptide synthesis and customized medchem
PolyAnModification of surfaces (custom): micro- and nanoparticles (beads),
microarray slides, reactive microplates

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