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PCR, qPCR, RT-qPCR and isothermal amplification reagents

Solis BioDyne has been developing and producing life science reagents since 1995. High standards for production and service have made them a trusted trademark worldwide. Their DNA polymerases, PCR Master Mixes, qPCR Mixes, reverse transcription, and isothermal amplification reagents are supplied by Bio-Connect. These products are used by a quickly growing number of customers across the globe, including top research institutes and biotechnology companies.

Solis BioDyne’s top-quality products are certified according to ISO13458 standard. Using a unique Stability TAG technology allows the company’s products to be transported at room temperature and to avoid expensive and strictly regulated transport with dry ice. This is especially beneficial in warm climate regions, although getting to work without ice makes lab work a lot more convenient and reliable everywhere in the world. From the environmental point of view, Solis BioDyne’s innovative technology allows for more sustainable production, delivery, and a smaller ecological footprint for both the producer and the end consumer. Years of experience in developing unique enzymes in their field and making the biotech field more sustainable have also earned the company the title of Innovator of the Year.

Bio-Connect supplies all their products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

What is special about Solis BioDyne?

  • Room-temperature stable products (no ice needed)
  • High-quality development and manufacturing
  • 5x concentrated master mixes – widened flexibility in setting up the reaction
  • Products with high inhibitor tolerance
  • Sustainable production
  • Smaller ecological footprint
  • Low delivery costs due to room-temperature stability
  • Flexibility and speed of action
  • Committed technical support.

Major product lines from Solis BioDyne

  • PCR/qPCR master mixes and PCR enzymes
  • One-step RT-qPCR
  • cDNA synthesis
  • Isothermal amplification

Solis BioDyne as your business partner for PCR kits

Solis BioDyne is an R&D-driven manufacturer, which gives them flexibility and time-to-market leverage to come up with a product and solution that meets your specific needs. With extensive knowledge in their field, they are here to support you all the way, from technical aspects and assay optimization to marketing and sales support.

Solis BioDyne’s collaboration partners:

  • Leading kit manufacturers in Europe with private & government contracts
  • Local SME’s to branches of global corporations
  • Clients from outpatient testing to food safety analysis

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