Prolytix (Haematologic Technologies)

Plasma proteins and reagents for coagulation applications

Prolytix, formerly Haematologic Technologies, is a supplier that specializes in the isolation and characterization of high quality plasma proteins which are intended for in vitro research use. Prolytix’s emphasis is focused on proteins involved in the coagulation cascade, as well as the regulation of bone metabolism. The Prolytix product line consists of over 150 highly purified and well-characterized proteins including zymogens, enzymes, cofactors and inhibitors as well as a complementary line of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

Highest purity products on the market and bulk & custom purification services available

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Major product lines from Prolytix

  • Human, bovine and mouse proteins
  • Inhibitors (corn trypsin inhibitor (CTI))
  • Substrates
  • Antibodies
  • Defect deficient plasmas
  • Custom blood collection tubes

Custom blood collection tubes for clinical research applications

Many organizations have the need for sample collection tubes with custom formulations, sizes, vacuum draws and even vials specific to their clinical studies/trials for drug development. However, finding commercial sources and/or having them manufactured on a custom basis is often associated with high volume and cost requirements. Prolytix can provide custom formulated tubes in all shapes, sizes and amounts to meet your specifications in batch sizes as small as one. With an almost unlimited reagent selection, custom draw volumes, and customer-designated batch size you can get your tubes the way you want, and in the exact quantity you need. Uses include:

  • pK (pharmacokinetic) studies
  • Drug efficacy studies
  • Development of a new collection tube for clinical use (medical device)
  • Custom collection tubes for IVD (in-vitro diagnostic) kits and applications

Prolytix also offers OEM contract manufacturing of custom tubes for those who need a continuous supply for their process or product. Tubes will be manufactured to your specifications, on your time schedule, and with all the appropriate quality documentation.

Prolytix (Haematologic Technologies)

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