6 January 2015

Factor deficient plasmas

Factor II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII deficient plasma

Haematologic Technologies’ factor deficient plasmas are for research use or for further manufacture into in vitro diagnostic reagents. Their deficient plasmas are manufactured from citrated “coagulation normal” human plasma, and are immunodepleted of the target antigen.* Each lot of plasma is assayed to ensure >50% activity of the remaining factors, and is tested for fibrinogen level, PT, aPTT, and clarity. Custom specifications can also be accommodated.

The deficient plasmas currently available are: factors IIVVIIVIIIIXXXI and XII. They are available in 1 ml vials as well as in bulk quantities. Please inquire about custom aliquot sizes.

Haematologic Technologies’ deficient plasmas are shipped frozen on dry ice, and have a five (5)-year expiration when stored continuously at –70°C or colder.

Low cost alternative to IVD plasmas

For research use only, Prolytix factor deficient plasmas are immune depleted, have a normal range of remaining factors, and are calibrated against IVD plasmas to ensure equivalent performance – all for about ½ the cost of IVD deficient plasma.

Prothrombin deficient plasma (FII-ID)
Factor V deficient plasma (FV-ID)
Factor VII deficient plasma (FVII-ID)
Factor VIII deficient plasma (FVIII-CD)
Factor IX deficient plasma (FIX-ID)
Factor X deficient plasma (FX-ID)
Factor XI deficient plasma (FXI-ID)
Factor XII deficient plasma (FXII-ID)

* Factor VIII plasma is chemically depleted of factor VIII activity while retaining the antigen.

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