1 September 2022

Checkit® Go – Verify robot or pipette accuracy in seconds

Need a routine, easy, instant, cost-effective validation for your robot? Use Checkit Go!

Most laboratories calibrate their pipettes annually. Regular use, mishandling, or an accidental drop can lead to inaccuracies in the volume dispensed by pipettes. It is therefore, equally important to validate the accuracy of the liquid handler robot or manual pipettes between calibrations. A pipetting error of 5% may not be a cause for concern while loading protein samples for a western blot, but it can lead to hard-to-interpret data in an experiment that relies on the accuracy of pipetting like qRT-PCR.

Key benefits of the Checkit® Go

  • Accurate: Directly measures liquid volume. Limits evaporation.
  • Sample appropriate: Validate using your own sample liquid.
  • Fast: Done in under 10 seconds!
  • Convenient: On-the-spot verification. Use in well plate holder in robot bed.
  • Cost-effective: No capital equipment or training required. Saves time.

Instantly checks accuracy of liquid handling robots and multi-channel pipettes

The Next Advance Checkit Go is an easy-to-use, stand-alone, disposable cartridge. With it, you can check the accuracy of your liquid handling robots or multi-channel pipettes in just seconds. No additional equipment is required.

Accurate – directly measures sample liquid volume

The Checkit Go directly measures the volume of the liquid dispensed, rather than indirectly measuring the weight or the color of the liquid. The glass capillaries almost completely encase the liquid, so evaporation is minimal. Measurements are guaranteed to be accurate to within 2% and typically better than 1%.

Sample Appropriate

Validate your liquid handler with dye or in your test liquid, including glycerol, DMSO, and ethanol. Just reconstitute your test liquid in our red dye pellet.

Checkit Go is the easiest, quickest and most accurate way to verify up to 8 pipette channels in seconds. Don’t spend time stressing about whether the pipetting in your experiments are accurate. Use Checkit Go as your new standard for validating your pipettes and rest assured.

Fast & Convenient – verify up to 8 channels in seconds

This surprisingly graceful device measures the dispensed volumes of up to 8 channels simultaneously. It is the size of a well plate, so you can validate your liquid handlers by placing the cartridge directly on the plate holder of your liquid handler. You’re done in under 10 seconds.

Easy to Use – no training required

Aspirate the dye or your reconstituted test liquid. Dispense the dye into the wells on the flip tab of the cartridge. Flip the tab or let the robot flip the tab. Then watch the dye travel up the 8 channels, simultaneously. Don’t blink or you’ll miss the fun. Then compare the level of the dye against the graduations. It’s that easy! You can even record the measurements with a simple photo.

Why spend your time reading a tiny droplet’s weight on a highprecision balance, again and again…..No need to learn to use expensive colorimetric systems.


The Checkit Go does not require capital equipment or training. And it saves you time every time your measure or validate your robot. Save yourself from the tedium.

Fill it. Dispense it. Flip it. Checkit & Go!

Checkit® Go models

Checkit Go 5uL – 6 pack (CK8V5-6)
Checkit Go 10uL – 6 pack (CK8J10-6)
Checkit Go 20uL – 6 pack (CK8K20-6)
Checkit Go 50uL – 6 pack (CK8C50-6)

Download the Checkit Go white paper here

Checkit® Go – Verify robot or pipette accuracy in seconds

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