24 December 2021

Diagnostic test to identify tumors that express KK-LC-1

T-Cure Biosciences and Atlas Antibodies have entered a collaboration agreement for the development, manufacture and supply of CT83 (KK-LC-1) monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic use.

Atlas Antibodies’ monoclonal antibody CT83 (KK-LC-1) mAb will be used to develop a diagnostic test to identify tumors that express KK-LC-1.

T-Cure Biosciences will initiate a Phase I clinical study evaluating a TCR-based product candidate for the treatment of tumors expressing Kita-Kyushu lung cancer antigen 1 (KK-LC-1), such as gastric, cervical, lung, breast cancers and other KK-LC-1 positive epithelial cancers (NCT05035407).

KK-LC-1 is a cancer germline (CG) antigen that has restricted expression in healthy tissues and frequent expression in epithelial cancers including lung cancer, gastric cancer, triple negative breast cancer, cervical cancer and others. Adoptive T-cell therapy is one potentially powerful treatment for cancer that genetically modifies natural T cells to make them tumor-specific and to improve their ability to destroy tumor cells. TCR-T cell therapy targeting CG antigens has been shown to induce objective responses without autoimmunity or off-target toxicity in patients with melanoma, synovial sarcoma and cervical carcinoma. Read press release.

Diagnostic test to identify tumors that express KK-LC-1

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