10 June 2024

TargetMol Compound Library: lead your drug discovery Hit-to-Lead

TargetMol diligently updates and offers over 800 types of compound libraries, covering various popular diseases/fields, such as cancer/tumor, immunity & inflammation, infectious diseases,

organoids and stem cells, etc.

What is compound library?

A compound library is a collection of small molecule compounds assembled based on specific characteristics, usually used as a tool for high-throughput screening and drug discovery, assisting in the identification of lead compounds.

TargetMol advantages

  1. Clear classification
    800+ compound libraries are provided with clear classification and detailed information.
  2. Continuous updates
    The compound libraries are updated continuously with average 30% increase each year.
  3. Customization
    Selectable compounds, quantities, format (dry/solid/DMSO), plate map, and concentration to form your own library.
  4. Citations
    TargetMol earned the 2023 CiteAB Biochemical Supplier to Watch Award for a fast increase in the number of citations.
Product NameCatalog No.
Recommended Bioactive Libraries
Bioactive Compound LibraryL4000
Bioactive Compounds Library MaxL4010
Featured Novel Bioactive Compound LibraryL4150
Approved/Repurposing Libraries
Approved Drug LibraryL1000
FDA-Approved & Pharmacopeia Drug LibraryL1010
Clinical Compound LibraryL3400
Preclinical Compound LibraryL3410
Drug Repurposing Compound LibraryL9200
Disease-Focused Libraries
Anti-Viral Compound LibraryL1700
Anti-Infection Compound LibraryL1800
Anti-Cancer Compound LibraryL2100
Immunology/Inflammation Compound LibraryL4700
Anti-Metabolism Disease Compound LibraryL5200
Target/Pathway-Focused Library
GPCR Compound LibraryL1500
Ion Channel Inhibitor LibraryL2300
Ferroptosis Compound LibraryL8700
Characteristic Bioactive Libraries
Bioactive Lipid Compound LibraryL7000
Stem Cell Differentiation Compound LibraryL8000
Covalent Inhibitor LibraryL9410
Natural Product Libraries
Natural Product Library for HTSL6000
Human Endogenous Metabolite LibraryL2500
Selected Plant-Sourced Compound LibraryL4600
Anti-Tumor Natural Product LibraryL6700
Rare Natural Product LibraryL6900
Natural Product Derivatives Library for CADDL6030
Fragment Libraries
Featured Fragment LibraryL5700
High Solubility Fragment LibraryL7800
Drug-Fragment LibraryL8800
Drug-Like Compound Libraries
Mini Scaffold LibraryL5600
Golden Scaffold LibraryL5610

TargetMol Compound Library: lead your drug discovery Hit-to-Lead

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