8 July 2024

TargetMol Inhibitors & Agonists: make your research faster and easier

TargetMol® offers 20,000+ inhibitor & agonists, widely applied in key research areas like cancer, diabetes, endocrine, nervous system, and metabolism.

TargetMol Chemicals Inc. is headquartered in the Greater Boston area, MA, and specializes in products and services that serve the research needs of chemical and biological scientists worldwide. With a client base in 50+ countries, TargetMol has evolved into one of the biggest global research suppliers for compound libraries and inhibitors & agonists.

Advantages of TargetMol

  1. High Coverage
    Our inhibitors & agonists encompass over 3000 subtypes, 480+ receptors and 25+ signaling pathways and 200+ new compounds are added monthly.
  2. Quality Control
    NMR validates the accurate structures and HPLC/LC-MS varifies high purity.
  3. Cost Effectiveness
    TargetMol provides high-quality inhibitor & agonist products at a competitive prices.
  4. Global Logistics
    Global logistics ensures our fast delivery (1-2 days for in-stock products).

Hot selling inhibitors & agonists(target-based)

PI3k/Akt/mTOR Signaling
RNA-3236 (T5993)
Rapamycin (T1537)
Salidroside (T2717)
Alpelisib (T1921)
MK-2206 dihydrochloride (T1952)
Lenvatinib (T0520)
Orelabrutinib (T12317)
Pexidartinib (T2115)
Crenolanib (T2677)
Amuvatinib (T2516)
GK921 (T3968)
Leupeptin Hemisulfate (T6564)
Z-IETD-FMK (T7019)
Azvudine (T14489)
Sotorasib (T8684)
MRTX1133 (T9303)
Adagrasib (T8369)
Encorafenib (T6487)
Dabrafenib (T1903)
Stem Cells
RKI-1447 (T1898)
XAV-939 (T1878)
CHIR-99021 (T2310)
Verteporfin (T3112)
Y-27632 dihydrochloride (T1725)
Cell Cycle/Checkpoint
Adavosertib (T2077)
Palbociclib (T1785)
PF-06873600 (T8463)
COH29 (T3157)
Abemaciclib (T2381)
DNA Damage/DNA Repair
Bleomycin Sulfate (T6116)
Branaplam (T4641)
Ceralasertib (T3338)
Cisplatin (T1564)
Oxaliplatin (T0164)
Z-VAD(OMe)-FMK (T6013)
Erastin (T1765)
MG-132 (T2154)
RSL3 (T3646)
Ferrostatin-1 (T6500)
Squalene (T4749)
Necrostatin-1 (T1847)
MCC950 sodium (T6887)
Nigericin sodium salt (T3092)
Aucubin (T3416)
GPCR/G Protein
Empagliflozin (T1766)
Liraglutide (T6876)
Purmorphamine (T1810)
Volinanserin (T5389)
TG6-10-1 (T2428)

TargetMol Inhibitors & Agonists: make your research faster and easier

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