Stem Cells

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Stem cells are actively dividing pluripotent cells that retain the capacity to differentiate under the right conditions into specialized post-mitotic cell types. In the absence of the specific triggers that are needed for a stem cell to differentiate into a skin, heart, or lung cell, or any other specialized cell types, it maintains itself in a state of long-term self-renewal via mitotic division. Because of their unique properties of self-regeneration and differentiation, stem cells are being evaluated as therapeutics for diseases such as neurodegenerative or muscular diseases, cancers, and others. Pressing questions in this rapidly evolving field concern the internal and external signals for cell differentiation and the specificity of such signals for differentiation into particular cell types. While individual transcription factors such as OCT4 and specific stem cell markers such as SOX2 have been characterized, the next step in stem cell research is to identify the hundreds of other genes that either play a critical role in stem cell biology, or are uniquely impacted within the stem cell environment.

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