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Supplier of selective antibodies that do not cross-react

Selecting the right antibodies for biomarker assays poses significant challenges, characterized by time-consuming and labour-intensive processes that translate into substantial costs. Researchers could realize substantial savings in terms of time, labour, and acquisition expenses if they possessed comprehensive insights into antibody characteristics and their potential for assay applications.

Aeonian Biotech introduces a novel solution known as the Aeonian Rating®, a bias-free quality ranking standard designed to quantify the quality levels of commercial antibodies and assess their suitability for various applications. This algorithm, rooted in manufacturers’ data, empowers scientists by narrowing down the vast array of potential commercial antibodies to a concise list of the top five candidates with the highest probability of success in specific biomarker test applications. Notably, this selection process encompasses the entire market, eliminating any potential biases.

Furthermore, the Aeonian Rating® is equipped to assign ratings even to antibodies without a literature track record, provided they exhibit high performance. This innovative selection approach is unparalleled and offers assay developers substantial time and resource savings while mitigating the risk of acquiring unsuitable antibody candidates.

Major product lines from Aeonian Biotech

  • Selective antibodies

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