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High throughput RNA sequencing made easy

Alithea Genomics is a fast-growing provider of high-throughput RNA-seq services, kits and bioinformatics solutions. Alithea’s products are ideal for large-scale RNA sequencing (transcriptomic) studies such as biomarker discovery, antibody development and drug screening.

Alithea Genomics has launched the MERCURIUS BRB-seq kits for high-throughput and cost-efficient RNA-seq library preparation from different types of RNA samples. The kits rely on early sample barcoding followed by pooling, so hundreds of RNA samples can be processed in the same tube after the initial reverse transcription reaction. It is compatible with purified RNA, cell
lysates and blood RNA samples.

These products are useful for drug discovery, RNA sequencing (Transcriptomics) and other research areas and suited for research laboratories in academia or industry (pharma, biotech or agricultural) who are interested in analyzing many samples at once.

3’ mRNA Sequencing of Bulk RNA samples by Alithea Genomics


  • Fast – 10x fewer manual steps / High Throughput
  • Cost-efficient – 10x less reagent consumption / Low Cost
  • Robust – Reduced technical variability by processing 96 samples as one
  • Accurate – PCR duplicates are removed by using unique molecular identifiers (UMI)
  • All-in-One – Globin depletion is integrated in the workflow at no extra steps (ALG-PN10811)


MERCURIUS BRB-seq Library Preparation Kit, 96 samples (ALG-PN10811)
MERCURIUS Blood BRB-seq Library Preparation Kit, 96 samples (ALG-PN10821)

Bio-Connect Life Sciences supplies all their products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

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