Peptides and complex organic molecules as active pharmaceutical ingredients

Bachem is specialized in the process development and the manufacturing of peptides and complex organic molecules as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), as well as innovative biochemicals for research purposes.

Bachem has 50 years of experience and expertise in peptide research. They have excellent know-how in peptide chemistry and organic synthesis (technology leadership) and efficient manufacturing processes (cost leadership). They set industry standards.

Bio-Connect supplies all their products in the Benelux. If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.

Major product lines from Bachem

  • Peptides and biochemicals
  • Non-peptidic biochemicals
  • Amino acid derivatives
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Generic APIs

Today Bachem is a leading independent supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the human and veterinary pharmaceutical market. You can choose from their portfolio of generic APIs, which are produced in annual quantities of up to hundreds of kilograms and tons for commercial use.

  • Large number of generic APIs
  • Your reliable partner with outstanding experience in peptide chemistry
  • Multi-kg scale cGMP peptide manufacturing facilities in Europe and in the US
  • Large scale manufacturing capabilities for small molecule APIs
  • Technical and regulatory support tailored to your needs
Peptide Indication
Calcitonin Osteoporosis
Deslorelin Fertility control (veterinary medicine)
Desmopressin Diabetes insipidus
Glucagon Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in diabetes
Goserelin Cancer
Gonadorelin Reproduction medicine
Leuprolide Cancer
Octreotide Acromegaly
Secretin Diagnosis (pancreas)
Triptorelin Cancer
Example of some peptide APIs manufactured by Bachem and their indications

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